White-labelled Apps — Lifeline for SMBs

App Development is funny business. You could get one made for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars and sometimes a few million dollars.


like Eatnow & Menulog pretty much control all takeaway and delivery business in Australia, so is JustEat in the UK and a few other companies around the world. We most often know what to eat and where to eat. But when it comes to online ordering, we need an app to place the order. Aggregation has become an attractive business model, and a lot of it thrives on the fact that SMBs cannot afford technology.

What’s wrong with aggregation?

Not until recently. 
Not before the commissions increased.
Not before someone can bid for a top spot on the list.
Not before the aggregators started cross-selling the customers.

Why not every restaurant have their own app?

To create an app and maintain it, you need:

A lot of time
A lot of money
A lot of expertise

None of which a typical SMB has or even willing to have. It’s simply not their cup of tea.

White-labelled Apps

I’m neither suggesting that aggregators be shutdown nor all restaurants have an app.

But for those who deserve or wish to have an app, white-labelled apps are the lifeline. White-labelling massively reduces the cost of development and maintenance and SMBs get to benefit by having their own apps at par in quality with the giants.

If the business model of white-labelled apps is not incentivised, then aggregators forever play the mighty middleman, forever take fair share of your revenue and forever make millions in commissions.

All for what? An APP.

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