Are the Pipes In Your Home Ready To Burst?

In the 1960s, along with lead paint and asbestos, galvanized steel pipes were a common way to construct the plumbing of a home. Galvanized pipes were simply black pipes dipped in zinc for longevity. What was not expected was how these pipes would corrode, over time, due to the excessive exposure to water causing dangers to a resource which is heavily used and depended on day to day. By coating black pipes in zinc, the pipes were expected to have a longer life span as water passed through them, however, time proved this theory wrong as pipes began to rust and cause multiple problems with the homes’ water supply.

Galvanized pipes can lead to build up of rust in the pipes which will result in lower water pressure. When water is used daily in the home for various uses, this can be a huge inconvenience. Raising the water pressure would only be resolved by replacing the corroded pipes. Water can become discolored which can cause further headaches as washing dishes, doing laundry or showering can become directly affected. Further damage to a home can also result as galvanized pipes can cause leaks due to the disintegration of the pipes. Leaky pipes can lead to a higher repair price tag depending on the extent of the damage caused in addition to replacing the now useless pipes.

The most dangerous effect that can come from aged galvanized pipes can be health issues for those in the home. Lead can seep into the water supply coming from the pipes. This, of course, can lead to complications with one’s health. The best way to avoid these issues altogether is to replace the pipes with safer modern materials.

Insurance coverage for these pipes and the damage they may cause depends on the insurance company and their policies. Each company may have different stipulations for each individual policy. Speaking open and honestly with your insurance provider is the only sure way to find out what can be done before galvanized pipes have the opportunity to raise complications in the home. Luckily for you, if you have this issue, If you want to know if we work with yours,

Determining if your home is running on galvanized plumbing can be concluded by exposing a pipe and scratching it with a sharp object such as a screwdriver or key. The color of the pipe will become visible. While copper pipes will be copper in color and plastic pipes will be white, grey pipes often indicate a galvanized pipe. To assure the pipe is indeed galvanized use a magnet. If a magnet sticks to the pipe, you can be sure the pipe is galvanized. This is something you want experts to do for you. just for you.

Don’t wait until these pipes burst and your home is flood, causing even more damage. Talk to the Pros, we will give you an honest assessment to protect your home or business. Restoration is our passion, if you have additional question, or

Houston Restore Pros is your one stop shop for full turnkey restoration. Whether for your home or business, we are ready to put things back in order.

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