Welcome to Houston Restore Pros first blog post. We wanted to take a moment to get you acquainted with us, our services, and what we are able to offer you for your home or business. As our name implies, we are in the restoration business, and have been experts in this field for decades.

With specializations in water damage mitigation, reconstruction, fire damage, and other general property damage. Houston Restore Pros is your one stop shop for full turnkey restoration. Whether for your home or business, we are ready to put things back in order. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients and restoring their home or business after disaster strikes. We go above and beyond for you, and rebuilding is our passion!

When you work with us, you get a well established company that values honesty, integrity, and hard work. We get the job right the first time, restoring your home or business as good as new.


Full Turnkey Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storm Damage Restoration: Mother Nature can cause widespread damage to your home or business. Whether it be in the form of a hurricane, torrential rain, tornadoes, or other damages caused by a storm, our team is dedicated to providing storm damage cleanup as fast as possible. Contact us immediately for any questions, or to get started on your restoration.

Commercial Services: The needs of your business are different than residential needs, and may require special equipment and technical expertise in order to restore everything back to its original shape. At Houston Restore Pros, we do exactly that. Whether your commercial building has been damaged by storm, water, fire, or other damages, we are able to provide you with the best service, and get your business back to full operations as fast as possible. Contact us today with any questions, or for quotes.

Water Damage Restoration: Water damage can occur suddenly and cause widespread damage to your property. It is imperative that you contact Houston Restore Pros as fast as possible. We offer fast and reliable service to remove the water and repair the damage. We have state of the art equipment for water removal and restoration. When you contact us, you know you are getting the best service possible!

Full Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration: Fire is destructive and can cause catastrophic damage to your home or business. Fires can occur for any number of reasons, and within minutes can engulf entire rooms or homes. When this happens, you need the peace of mind that the company you call is going to put things back to the way they were. We do just that. Our mission is to rebuild your home, and restore your life. We will restore the damage caused by fire, smoke, and any damage that may have been caused in the attempt to put out the fire. For more information, please contact us now and let us walk you through the process of restoring your home or business.

Cleaning Services: You want your home or office to look its best, and so do we. We offer a variety of cleaning services using specialized equipment and solutions in order to help you, and your business.

We Are Here For Our Community

Over the years we have developed a reputation for being honest, hard-working, and reliable. We continue this tradition of excellence because we care about our community.

Damage to your home or business can happen anytime, and often with little to no warning. While we hope this is never the case for you, should disaster ever strike your home or business, Houston Restore Pros are here to make things right. We have our restoration experts on standby should you ever need us. If you have questions or an emergency please contact us and we will immediately get back to you and put your property back to its best condition.

Houston Restore Pros is your one stop shop for full turnkey restoration. Whether for your home or business, we are ready to put things back in order.

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