While April showers may bring an abundance of Bluebonnets in Texas, it also has the potential to bring costly damage to both homes and businesses.

On average, a thunderstorm that produces about 1 inch of rain can drop as much as 2.2 billion gallons of water over a city size landscape. The rain itself barrels toward the ground at a rate of 20mph and, as we all know, can wreak havoc on the roads and infrastructure of a city.

Now in context, that is a small thunderstorm, but it can still cause damage depending on a structure. A weak roof might start a waterfall in your living room, water could leak in from the floor, or maybe someone just left a window open and the rain poured in the building.

If it happened to be a larger scale storm, or a hurricane, then the amount of water and wind damage can increase dramatically. When Houston was struck by Hurricane Harvey, it received over 15 trillion gallons of water. The damage was catastrophic, costing the state anywhere from $150-$180 billion.

Hopefully, our city will not be victim to something as destructive as that hurricane for a long time, but water damage from storms can occur anytime with the right conditions. So what should you do if your home or business is the unlucky recipient of property damage caused by an influx of water?

Ask The Pros:

There are certainly practical things you can do to minimize damage in some cases, and you are definitely the first line of defense at your home or business should water, or storm damage occur. Before you contact Houston Restore Pros and we send one of our experienced water mitigation experts to you, the most important things is your safety. Once you are certain you are not in immediate danger, we have some tips to help you before we arrive at your site.

  1. Do What You Can To Mitigate the Damage Immediately:
Flood in your home can happen quickly, be prepared.

Within reason, do what you can to prevent the water from damaging a wider area of your property. If it’s a leaking roof for example, a tried and true bucket approach to collecting the water from spreading is a small, but helpful start. While it may not be practical to mitigate the water damage completely, we encourage you to do what can until we arrive.

2. Salvage What You Can:

Again, within reason, and always putting your safety first, secure or remove items you deem valuable from the area that is taking in the water damage. Water absorbing into certain materials can damage items beyond repair (computers, furniture, documents, etc…), so think in terms of importance and fragility.

3. Take Pictures:

If you are able to, take as many clear pictures as possible of the area of damage, the area where the water is coming from, and any items that may have been damaged in the process. Not only does this give our technicians an understanding of what happened, but it can be vital for your insurance company when you file a claim for the damage incurred.

4. Contact the Pros:

The sooner we know about what is happening, the faster we can react and help you. We have technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mother nature doesn’t take a break, and neither do we.

Houston Restore Pros uses only state of the art equipment

We have decades of water mitigation experience, and are a full turnkey operation, meaning we make sure your property (home or business) is put back to the original condition before the damage occurred (or better). Not only that, but our experts use only state of the art equipment to reduce the damage to your property.

This is so important because the longer you leave water sitting, the greater the chance of mold and other damages that can take longer to fix, and cause additional problems that you may not have been anticipating

We advise you not to waste time. When you see the problem start to happen, contact us right away. We are happy to advise you, and offer you practical solutions until we arrive to mitigate and repair the damage.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

We assume you have homeowners, business, or renters insurance, if not, please get this BEFORE something happens. After you have followed all the above steps, please contact your insurance company so that they can be made aware of the incident and can advise you on coverage, deductibles, and so on.

The good news is that Houston Restore Pros works with most insurance companies, which can streamline the entire process for you. So when you call us, let us know who your insurance company is and we can advise you on what you may want to ask them.

In Closing

We hope this never happens to you, but these things can happen with little to no warning. Being prepared is the first step; so before the weatherman comes on and informs you of a major thunderstorm on the way, make sure your home is sealed, your roof sturdy, and have a plan for “just in case” to save your property.

Houston Restore Pros is here in the event of storm or water damage. If you find yourself victim of this, contact us as soon as you can. We have a passion for restoration, and we will do all we can to put your property and life back in order.

Houston Restore Pros is your one stop shop for full turnkey restoration. Whether for your home or business, we are ready to put things back in order.

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