Going Digital for Your Restaurant Business

The restaurant business isn’t unaffected from the digital transformations across the globe. Be it a small restaurant or a huge fast food joint, everyone is putting their step in the digital arena and extracting the innate potential that technology has to offer. In fact, there is an app revolution all around. The statistics show how an approx of 48% of restaurant website traffic happens through smartphones with conversion rates as high as 64 percent. Isn’t it evident how digital transformation through mobile apps has become inexorable for the success of your restaurant business?

Apart from making your restaurant operations smooth, restaurant mobile apps enhance customer service exponentially along with significant increase in sales and reduced stress on your staff. Moreover, with 20% of restaurants taking orders through mobile phones and 70% of restaurant owners thinking to go digital through the app way, it is critical for you to be updated about these digital trends and get a competitive advantage over your competitors by investing in an efficient restaurant mobile app.

So, what is the value your mobile app must provide? With a $12 billion revenue industry of online ordering, how can you make the most out of it and generate ample profit? Wondering where can you find the answers to these critical questions? Don’t worry. We have you covered.

Going digital through a digital menu card: According to a survey conducted by the firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, around 62% of customers would prefer not stopping at your restaurant if they can’t access your menu card through their mobile devices. Isn’t this statistic enough for you to invest in a restaurant mobile app and come up with an easily accessible digital menu card? It helps the customers to explore a variety of food options available. A visual treat with enticing food photos before satiating their taste buds is more than enough to satisfy your customers. Also, the restaurant mobile app allows customers to personalize their dish according to their tastes and preferences making their food experience impeccable. And, guess what? It even enhances your customer base and boosts your sales significantly. It’s a win-win situation for both, isn’t it?

Let them reserve before you serve: Taking the customer experience to an altogether new level and allowing your customers to reserve a table through your app is definitely a cherry on the cake. You can let them choose and reserve their desired spot through virtual tours and photos of your restaurant. In addition, incorporating features where customers can specify their requirements through your mobile app can induce customers with good vibes about your restaurant. After all, a personalized, tailor-made approach is loved by everyone.

Push notifications can be a deal maker: Relevant push notifications can instantly increase your popularity amidst the customers. Have a new dish on the board or are willing to give away few happy hours to your customers? Want to enhance your sales through offers and coupons? You can instantly break the news to your customers through push notifications. Furthermore, push notifications allow you to send location-based deals to customers. Imagine a customer being in your close proximity, looking to satisfy his/her hunger pangs. An instant push notification can be your deal maker here. There is an increased chance of the customer stopping by your restaurant. Isn’t it amazing? Well, the mobile app never ceases to amaze us with its innate features and functions.

Codes, coupons, and offers go a long way: In this cut-throat competitive, surviving in the long run of business can be a tough task unless you resort to smart and tactical strategies. In this context, codes, coupons and offers can be of great help. In fact, a research shows that around 80% of customers will proactively return to your restaurant mobile app if you incentivize them properly. Hence, a loyalty program which rewards customers is an apt way of retaining the existing customers along with attracting the prospective ones.

Digital branding done right: Branding your restaurant on a digital platform is a great way of making it stand out in the crowd. And, what can be a better way of enhancing your brand value other than investing in a seamless mobile app? It wouldn’t only help you reach your target customers, but also promote your restaurant business. From social media shares to check-ins, from engaging and enticing your customers through one-on-one digital interaction, a mobile app can significantly help you in perfectly branding your restaurant business.

Reviews and feedbacks are a must: Incorporating review and feedback system in your restaurant mobile app can help you improve your business considerably. It gives you an insight on the needs and preferences of your customers, the cuisines they like, their frequent orders, the rush hours etc. This analytics can be used to help you modify your restaurant in a constructive way. Furthermore, including a star based rating system can let customers give instant feedback where they can connect with your restaurant on an individual level. The feeling that you value their opinion and are open to criticism can go a long way in paving their strong relationship with your restaurant.

Keeping a close look at the digital trends and capitalizing the most out it, it is evident how digitizing your restaurant through a mobile app can escalate your business to a new level. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition and generate ample profit, a proficient mobile app is the need of the hour.

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