Mobile Food Ordering App: The Newest Features to Include.

In the words of Mark Twain “part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.” This holds so true. After all, when your food cravings are satisfied, you focus more on your work and achieve your goals downright. Moreover, with the unprecedented growth of technology, the food experience has become more pleasant and seamless. The statisticssay that 79% of diners believe that restaurant technology improves their dining experience considerably. Consequently, a plethora of mobile food ordering apps has come into existence and restaurants all over the world have made it an integral part of their business.

In fact, the use of restaurant technology has increased by 14% since 2016. This consistent upsurge is an indicator how mobile food ordering apps have become the hot favorites for both the consumers as well as restaurants. While the customers get to order food just through a click, restaurants see an escalation in sales and productivity. However, it isn’t easy to stand out amidst such stiff competition. Almost every restaurant is investing in a food ordering app with the exact same features of push notifications, loyalty cards, location-based deals etc. So, how can you be different? What can give you a competitive edge? Well, going unique and innovative always helps. Wondering how can you be different yet amazing? Include these newest features in your mobile food ordering app and see the difference yourself.

An enticing menu with real time updates: An enticing food menu with different categories and real time updates is a great way of attracting the prospective customers and retaining the existing one. It doesn’t only let you update and highlight your new cuisines seamlessly but, also let the customer browse through various categories and subcategories and get hold of their favorite dish instantly.

Have a well-built food cart: Including a food cart in your mobile food ordering app increases your sales considerably. A cart allows the customer to add the cuisines in it, get a clear picture of the order done and payment required which makes their ordering experience clear and simple. In addition, they can add the dishes to the wishlist and order it later, thereby reducing the order abandonment rates and accelerating your sales and revenues significantly.

Include an auto suggest search option: You can avoid the search related hassle faced by your customers through an auto search option which helps the customers find the exact dish they are looking for by typing its initial letters.

Go for video integration: Launching a youtube channel for your restaurant and integrating it with your mobile food ordering app can work wonders for enhancing your brand value along with increased interaction with your customer base. You can upload some DIY recipes, give your customers quick cooking tips and let them take a virtual tour of your restaurant directly through the app and see how your customers get hooked to your app.

Incorporate a gallery of lip smacking food: Displaying enticing, visually appealing and lip-smacking photos through a photo gallery in your app is definitely going to increase the food cravings of your customers. It surely will give them major hunger pangs and encourage them to order more and more from your food ordering app.

Include a quirky fan wall: A fan wall is a unique and quirky way to collect the valuable reviews and feedbacks of customers. Apart from serving as testimonials for the prospective customers, fan wall is a great way of experimenting with new ideas and keeping intact the interest of the existing customers.

Integrate your food blog in the app: A food blog integrated with your mobile food ordering app will keep the customers informed and updated about your new contents. In addition, it will also allow you to update your blog directly through the app with the help of RSS.

Provide seamless contact information: Wouldn’t it be great and convenient for your customers if they have the option of contacting you through multiple channels? Hence, think about including your complete contact information on your app. From the phone number, email address to your website link and physical address, include it all in your app and make everything seamless.

Go for gamification: Apart from the usual referrals, coupons, and discounts, you can go a notch higher and introduce food games within your app. A food game where customers play through different difficulty levels and get rewards in terms of food and drinks can play a critical role in attracting traffic, engaging customers and increasing their loyalty.

The opportunities provided by food ordering apps are vast. You just need to make it par excellence by incorporating right and unique features within it and pave new avenues of success.

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