Running a Social Media Campaign for your Restaurant

Social media marketing has become a savior for small sized business who earlier had to face a tough time defending their services against the big names. Thanks to the power of social media — they now don’t need to invest heavily on marketing in order to compete with the industry giants. The biggest impact of social media marketing has been in the restaurant and food industry.

With more than 926 million users making restaurant visits per year, driven by online marketing gimmicks — the claim is backed by huge numbers! In fact, statistics also show that the businesses that have timely made use of social media marketing have managed to see an exponential growth — more than 80% of the businesses getting their revenues to shoot up!

So, you can see that the power of social media is definitely something that you as a business owner must make full use of. But how can you do it?

To help you answer this question, we are here with some quick tips that can help. Let’s take a look at those tips –

A consistent voice throughout all channels
Whether it is your website, Instagram account, Facebook Page or your restaurant’s Twitter handle, you need to make sure that everything is in harmony. From the look and feel of the accounts to the content shared along with the images, they should have the same theme.

Maintaining a consistent voice throughout different platforms is the best way to create a brand that people can recognize in the horde of competition. And, this is one of the biggest advantages of having your business presence felt on the social media!

Respond, engage, and win!
Social media marketing is not just about sharing updates and posting pictures. Think of it as a platform to capture the heart of users. And the best way to do it is to let them know you are listening to what they are saying! Interact with them, creating engagement by posting contents, running competitions and rewarding them.

Also, make sure that their requests and reviews on your social media pages are answers without getting delayed. Because this reflects that you are actually paying heed to make your business fit according to customer requirements and that’s the best way to win their heart!

Go mobile!
When talking about carving a niche for your business using social media, how can we leave mobile-marketing behind? The world is going mobile, so having a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app is a must.

Get a mobile app designed for your restaurant business that provides users with maximum information within limited space. Amalgamate your social media marketing endeavors with mobile marketing — things like discounts and special day offer for your followers and app users can work wonders.

Make good use of the power of customer reviews
Statistics show that 90% of the users check for online reviews before visiting a business. And, 88% of them trust these reviews. In order to let your restaurant business outshine others, you must make full use of this superpower!

Showcase customer reviews on your social media channels and mobile apps. Encourage people who have had a great time visiting your restaurant to share their pictures and comments about the same. This can boost your sales, mobile app downloads and rope in more customers. And, that’s what matters in the end — isn’t it?

And, in case you need help in devising a state of the art social media marketing campaign for your restaurant business, then we at RestroApp are always there to help. Get in touch with us and we can discuss further opportunities to take your restaurant business to the next level.