10 Best Restaurant Food Delivery Franchise in U.S.

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The 10 Best Restaurant Delivery Franchise Opportunities in 2019

There’s nothing better than going into business for yourself. You are ultimately responsible for your own success, and you don’t have to worry about bosses, annoying coworkers, or any of the other hassles that come with working for someone else.

If you’re looking to go into business for yourself, odds are you’ve looked into a franchise opportunity as a potential business. There are so many to choose from and it can be difficult to figure out exactly where to start.

For many people, they gravitate towards a restaurant franchise in one form or another. However, the restaurant market is saturated and often requires a pretty significant amount of capital to get the business off the ground.

One area that is becoming increasingly more popular is restaurant delivery. These are simple apps that you can use from your phone to order food and have it delivered from your favorite restaurants. The good news here is that this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of this evolving industry. In the next few years the restaurant delivery business is expected to almost double.

It might be difficult to decide where to begin. Not to worry, the list below are some of the best restaurant delivery franchise opportunities in 2019.

1. Time To Eat Deliveries

Time to Eat Deliveries has been around for a few years and has franchise opportunities in both the United States and Canada. They pride themselves on being able to help new franchises get their business up and running and offer a variety of services to help new franchises.

The startup capital needed is only $2500 or 10% of the total $25k investment. What you get for your investment is everything you would need to start your delivery business. They provide you with all the equipment, marketing materials, websites, car toppers, carriers, displays, licenses and permits, and GPS tracking for your drivers.

The beauty of Time to Eat is that they will send out a representative from the company to assist you in building the vital partnerships with the local restaurants and grocery stores that your delivery company will serve. They do not charge royalties or monthly fees for these services. It is in their best interest to have your business become successful.

2. Mr. Delivery

Mr. Delivery is a franchise opportunity throughout the United States. Based primarily on in the East and Midwest, they are starting to branch out to the West as well. They are one of the quickest growing delivery franchises in the US and they are always looking for people who want to start their own franchise.

They base their franchise model on supporting the new businesses. They want to see you grow and have an extensive education process that covers everything from delivery, accounting, marketing, and how to reach out to the community you will be serving.

They offer corporate training and continual support as you begin to establish and ultimately grow your business. They will handle much of the operations as you first begin to allow you the time to focus on growing the business.

3. Takeout Waiter

Takeout Waiter is one of the oldest names in the food delivery business. They offer quite a bit of support and have working relationships with some of the largest restaurant and fast food chains. Their corporate offices help new businesses with all the necessary marketing, software, supplies, and the needed training to get your business off the ground.

They have a strong legal team who will provide you with some of the much needed documents that are necessary to have a lasting business. They offer driver contracting documents, financial spreadsheets, insurance policy advice, partnerships with national restaurant chains, and all the marketing and web materials needed.

Takeout Waiter also has corporate lunch delivery and hotel room services programs. They provide their new franchises with 7 days of classroom training as well as 3 day of operations training. Along with these training days, they will come out to your location for the first week to help with all the logistics of your grand opening.

Their goal is to provide the new franchise with all the services and support in that first week to allow the new owners to focus on growing their business and establishing relationships with the local restaurants the new business will serve.

4. My Town 2 Go

My Town 2 Go started in 2016 and has been looking to open new franchise opportunities across the United States. They will help businesses partner with local restaurants to establish relationships with the new franchise and delivery drivers.

They currently have franchises in 18 of the 50 states, including Alaska. They don’t provide a lot of franchise information on their site. Instead, they will offer more information to potential franchises who request the information.

In the two and a half years they have been in business, they have expanded to over 200 cities around the country. They pride themselves on their franchises being owned by locals who actually live in the area they are going to serve. They believe that this helps them foster a better working relationship with the restaurants they will ultimately be serving.

My Town 2 Go are community based, and all franchises donate a portion of their sales to a local charity of their choosing. They believe that this helps to establish the franchise as a part of the community and not just a delivery service looking to turn a profit. Every time a customer places an order, a portion goes to that chosen charity. This is an excellent way to help a new business owner establish that all-important connection to the community which will ultimately benefit the local franchise.

5. Go Waiter

Go Waiter looks to provide what they consider to be an inconsistent restaurant delivery service industry and help to streamline the business practices. They goal is to help new franchises implement solid business practices and make their operations function as efficiently as possible.

Go Waiter operates under the theory that where there is a need, there is a place for a new franchise to be successful. They feel that consumers are demanding this type of service, and they understand that it is the consumers who drive the market.

The company feels that they can help restaurants reach a greater number of customers by providing delivery services where they might not have been able to provide these services previously.

Their franchises are very successful and that’s because the company stresses the reliability of their franchises and drivers who work for these franchises. They help new businesses tackle the burdens of the financial side of operating the business, which allows these new franchises to focus solely on building relationships with local restaurants and building their client base.

They offer support with credit card processing, the money paid to restaurants for food orders, and offer an automatic commission deduction.

The company also has an extensive training program for new franchise owners. They have a week long classroom training, three days of operational training at their corporate store, and they will stay with you for the first 2–3 weeks while you get your franchise up and running.

Much like the other businesses on this list, they help new franchises with marketing, office setup, equipment, and generating a menu to take orders. They also provide promotional materials to include internet marketing and direct mail advertising.

They currently are looking for franchises in 35 of the 50 states. You can request franchise information directly from their website. They do state that anyone interested should have a minimum of $50k in liquid capital to be considered for a franchise opportunity.

6. Waiter on the Way

Waiter on the Way was founded back in the early 90’s, before the current trend of delivery companies started to become popular. The beauty of the company is that they have an online ordering system that handles up to 70% of all the daily orders, regardless of your location.

What this means for franchise owners is that they don’t need to worry about the stress of building their own ordering software, as the company’s platform helps to direct the orders to where they need to be. Their web interface handles everything for the franchise owner. All an owner needs to do is login to the Waiter on the Way portal and they can manage their franchise wherever they might be at the time.

Waiter on the Way offers plenty of hands-on training and support from their corporate offices. They offer a two week onsite training program and then are available for further remote support and training. The corporate office handles all the credit card processing, bookkeeping, restaurant payments, and gives plenty of assistance for finding new restaurants to partner with.

The company provides marketing support and materials to assist new franchises in establishing their business. They help new franchises with menus, their website, promotional materials, and advertising postcards.

7. We Go Shop

We Go Shop is another delivery franchise opportunity that caters to the shopping and delivery of groceries for their customers. Their franchising offers individuals the freedom to set their delivery business to best fit their own needs.

The franchise gives business owners the license to use all the logos, and platforms associated with the We Go Shop franchise. They provide new owners with a web page and the ordering system, both of which are maintained by the We Go Shop corporate office.

They will help new businesses secure their own territory of 20 cities that currently don’t have the We Go Shop services offered. That way you don’t have to worry about any competition. Your territory is yours to operate as long as you are running your business.

This is one of the more affordable franchise opportunities listed. They charge $300 for a 12 month term. Once you are locked in to that price, it will never change. They don’t charge any additional fees for franchise owners, and you can cancel your franchise at any time (after you pay the initial $300).

The company states that you can be up and running within a 72 hour window (Monday — Friday). The franchise owner is given a 60 day window to take the business live, so you can take your time to get all the logistics set up before the first day of operation.

8. FoodJets

FoodJets is a food delivery service that uses an app where customers can order from a variety of national chain and local restaurants. The company also offers delivery to company offices and catering delivery services.

FoodJets franchises can be started with small startup cost. They have partnered with over 1,000 different restaurants and chains, so there is plenty of selection for your customers. They have a comprehensive training program for new franchises and new owners are not limited to one specific location or territory.

What that means is that it can be easy to expand to multiple territories in a fairly short amount of time. The company offers training and marketing support for new owners. They will help you get started with all the digital marketing aspects of your business.

The FoodJets app handles all the orders and dispatching of delivery drivers, as well as the menus available for your customers. They have everything taken care of from their corporate end. They also help new owners with the accounting practices to make sure that your time is spent just managing the franchise and working with your delivery drivers.

9. Door Dash

10. GrubHub

Now is the perfect time to get on board with some of the new restaurant delivery franchise opportunities for 2019. There are plenty of options that don’t require too much of an initial investment for you to begin, while others have more of the traditional cost structure you would see with other franchise investments. Regardless of the path that you ultimately decide to take, you can find your own success by getting in on the ground floor of a franchise that is guaranteed to grow over the coming years.

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