Undercover Marketing Secrets of Universal Studios #2 Being Interactive is Key

This is day number two at Universal and the more I stay here, the more I see more and more juicy marketing secrets.

Today I’d like to write about being interactive. It is something that Universal is doing well. I did see some of that in Disney as well. For today, I’ll write about Universal.

Universal is all about Harry Potter. The Harry Potter movies have been seen by millions of people multiple times all around the world. Two of the areas are designated to Harry Potter, one in Universal Studios and one in Islands of Adventure, which is part of the Universal.

Two separate, yet connected parks, just like Magic Kingdom and Epcot for Disney.

First and foremost, you must get a Harry Potter wand. There are many you can choose from. Each are from a character in the movie. Plus, there are others as well. You can choose one that is interactive or one that is not.

Which do you think they sell the most of? The interactive, of course!


Because they have it set up that you and your kids can walk around Harry Potter lands, Hogsmead and Diagon Alley, and you can stand in front of various window fronts and other things on the side of a building. There is a gold medalion looking piece in the ground. Written on it is the way you are supposed to move your wand to cast a spell and make something happen.

EVERYONE, young and old does this! If they don’t, they are watching someone doing it. It is truly an amazing thing to watch.

My son, did this over and over and over again. Every day we went in the park, we went to one of these Harry Potter lands. Every day he had to cast spells. He even enjoyed helping other kids and adults, alike, cast their spells.

Some of the things that happened were cool…a flower would bloom, water would pour out of an umbrella, a book would open, water would spit out from something up in the air and possibly hit a passerby.

It was the coolest thing!

So how can you and I apply this to our business?

Thinking about how you can add interactivity to what you do. I used to have an art gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Back then I had taken over 200 photographs of the many interesting buildings, fountains, statues, etc.

Instead of just displaying them, I put a huge map of Brooklyn up on the wall. I had numbered the images and then numbered the map with the corresponding places.

People went back and forth looking at the photo and then walking over to the map. They loved the search! The art exhibit was a hit.

How about a dentist? How could someone like that make interactivity work? Well, you could have people #hashtag your business name and get a chance to win a prize. You could have people guess how many jelly beans are in the jar for Easter and win a dinner at their favorite local restaurant.

It’s all about being creative.

The more creative the better. Your customers/clients/patients will love it and your business will grow because of it.