What to Include In Your Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is an important professional piece of document that is used by an employee in conveying the intent to resign from an organization. It is a formal letter and generally written in standard formats. Therefore, it should be written by following as per the used formats and all necessary information to be communicated. A properly formatted and complete resignation letter proves to be mutually helpful for both the employee and the employer.

Resignation Letter

Following are some of the necessary details to be included in your resignation letter:-

1) Proper Addressing:- Addressing is important while writing a resignation letter. Employer or Superior’s Name and Designation precede the addressing in a standard resignation letter. This part exhibits the basic correctness of a resignation letter.

2) Intent of Resignation:- After addressing, the applicant should state his/her intent of resignation to the employer. It should be expressed assertively and any instance of showing negative and emotional mindset should be avoided. This part should be very brief and concise.

3) Cause of Resignation:- The common causes of resignation can be due to personal reasons, family reasons, relocation, higher education illness etc. However, expressing dissatisfaction for any stakeholder or any particular incident of an organization is not considered a good practice.

4) Serving Notice Period:- Serving notice period as per the contract of employment is very much necessary and it should be mentioned in the resignation letter. In fact, the resignation letter should be furnished while considering this period in mind.

5) Release Date:- The date of release or the last day at work should be the last working day of the notice period. It should be mentioned in the resignation letter clearly. Before the proposed release date, all the necessary formalities of transition should be completed.

6) Achievements, Challenges & Opportunities:- The outgoing employee can briefly recall the achievements during his/her tenure. Moreover, those resigning from leadership positions may address to a larger audience about the challenges as well as opportunities ahead and how to face them for gaining maximum benefits.


7) A Thank You Note:- A good resignation letter should express a thank you note for the employer, superiors and colleagues for their cooperation, guidance and help during the period of employment. It enhances the positivity of the letter.

8) Closing with a Warm Wish:- A resignation letter should be closed with a warm wish. The employee should wish the employer, his colleagues and the organization as a whole.

The above are the main components of a formal resignation letter. When all these elements are included in a proper way, it helps in securing a healthy and graceful exit from an organization. So, resignation letters should be written by following all the formatting guidelines and necessary components in consideration.