How to Attract Right Candidates on a Budget

The hiring process is usually long and uncertain in terms of tracking the resources spend on hiring. Validating the time and money spent vs. efficiency of hiring is an intangible factor. Finding the right talent within the stipulated budget is an challenge recruiters are facing.

Sourcing candidates from different hiring channels creates unorganized recruiting pattern. Tracking applicants, remembering the pipeline of each candidates and the throughout the life-cycle is also an tedious part of hiring strategy.

In order to overcome the dark process of recruitment, adopting the latest recruitment technologies will thank you in long run. The advanced recruitment platforms take care of entire recruitment cycle just like the HR team.

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Career Page

A well designed career pages attract right candidates towards your company profile, in case if you have linked your career page with company website. A thoughtful page with most of the job details will takes less of candidate’s time in enquiring and applying job. This way communicating with candidates becomes manageable which ensures to hold the interest of applicants towards the company. So, build a good career page with latest strategies, this saves over 70% of recruitment effort in finding the right candidate.

Job Boards

Placing your current job openings sophisticatedly across various career platforms is one of the cheapest way to source candidates. This takes care of building database of applicants, right from the time of application. The applicant tracking system will place candidates together to ease up the work of recruiters. Also the built in features will let candidates know about their resume status and sends instant mails to communicate throughout the process

Talent Pool

While over 70% of candidates succeed in screening process, it is important to analyze the job-specific skills and relevant skills which every candidate hold. Latest recruiting portals comes with People Search feature to search candidates using key words, skills, location or name. The talent pool facilitates proactive candidate sourcing with advanced search engine model.

Streamlining the hiring cost requires careful study of recruitment process, taking into account the cost of advertisements, money spend on HR team and new employees, the cost of technology involved in interview process such as assessments and other undetectable costs. Choosing the easy and effective, yet considering cost is required in building talent pool. Make sure companies set a standard work culture for new employees so once they board they don’t look out for other options.

Engage, hire and grow your workforce with resumemantra, the cloud based platform to streamline your hiring process in cost effective ways. We work with you to publish new jobs and manage applicants with steady strategy of integrated recruitment procedures.

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Resumemantra is an applicant tracking system and easy-to-use online recruiting platform. We specialize in making the hiring process simple and efficient.

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