Common Mistakes that occurs in Resumes

It is very common to see the mistakes in resumes and it becomes the fatal one, once it is caught by the employer. Before going for the interview you should make the resume error free. For that you should scrutinize the resume first. Once the mistake is caught by the employer, then it will make a permanent black mark in our history. It will lead to lose of the job itself. So beware about this small mistake. If you need the help of experts to complete your CV, then you can seek the help of CV writing services. Here are some common but rarely seen mistakes in all resumes. Try to avoid it while completing it.

Grammatical Errors

It can be considered as one of the most common error. But it will degrade your status in front of the employer. One who is not capable of making a single line without any error will lose the importance. You may not be bothering about the simple mistakes, but it will be serious in front of them. You will get help from CV writing services India to accomplish the resume with high standard.

The length of the resume

Do you think that the employer will have enough time to look on to our large page resume that has got more than several pages? Of course the answer is no. According to some experts, making the resume in one single page with crisp and clean information will be the best one. Even if you have got more than 10 years of experience in the field, you will be able to confine it in one page. It will make the job of the employers even easier. Your resume is not supposed to show case your career history, on the other hand it should be a document to market your key skills and knowledge. Many resume writing services in India are focusing on the steps to make the CV more precise and small.

Weak Objective

The employers will definitely go through the objective. Hence it should be simple and at the same time it should be able to convey the real objective of the candidate. The employers should get something that is useful for them from the objective along with the career plan. In order to help the new candidates to prepare the CV, professional resume writing services are available. They will first study about your knowledge and the platform. Then they will provide the necessary words to complete the resume.


It is another huge mistake that should be avoided as far as possible. Many people lie on the degree grade and about the collage. They may convey the miss information regarding their marks and the schooling's too. It may also include the change in the total number of years that was spend in the previous company, the size of the team, the work that you had takes etc. But this is not a good practice since the employers will get a bad impression once they understand the original version. Professional resume writing services in India is not promoting any such bad practices. Hence you can trust them with top most care.

Highlighting Duties apart from the accomplishments

This is a very common mistake that you can see in every CV. We will focus on the duties that were given to us when we were in the last working company. Apart from that you should focus on the accomplished tasks in the previous office. The duties can be listed assigned task for a meeting, arranging the total task etc. But it is different from the activities. You should include what you completed and what you finished. CV writing services in India will help you to display these formats to the employers.

Missing the relevant information

This should be taken into great consideration since the missing values may be more important for your career. Usually it will include the soft skills like honesty, speed, driving etc. It may be useful for your career in any way and never lose to do it. Seek the help of CV writing services to make the resume even better.

Many more mistakes are usually seen and try to avoid all those errors. Do share your comments and criticisms regarding the article and do support us.