5 Retail Design Trends in 2016

2016 brings us a lot of new trends both in marketing and in design. Retail design was and is one of the most important parts if you want improve your sales in retail. There are some trends that were updated and refreshed from some older ones and there are a few new ones. I got an idea to write a post about the top 5 retail design trends that are happening now in 2016:

Website Design

Every company, be it retail or not retail-related should have a website. They were supposed to have a website even before 2000, but lately, in 2016, it seems like almost everyone has a website, which is a good thing. I really like Ignite’s retail design website- http://igniteretail.com/ it has everything a website should have. Having a perfect website for your retail store or retail design company is a 2016 trend that I’m really happy about.

Minimalistic Design

As the years go by I noticed that more and more people love minimalism. Retail stores were cramped and stuffed with hundreds of different products and guess what? Non of them made a lot of sales. Lately, there’s more retail stores with a minimalistic approach, which is great. Selling a product is easier when a customer is not overwhelmed. Nobody likes to have thousands of choices — nobody’s able to decide on what to get in such cases.

Using LED lights

It’s 2016, so LED lights are cheap and effective. You can light up different areas of your retail store with different colours with LED lights and LED strips. I hope this trend will stay. I love properly-lit retail stores.

Turn to the right is not effective

People finally realized the myth that when people go into a store, the first thing they do is look to the right. Not true. You can’t state something as a fact based on a study done on a few people. People will look at a different area each time the go into a store. If you light up an area of your retail store with a more attractive colours — they’ll look at it first. The “the first thing a customer does is look to the right” is defunct lately and I’m glad about it.

Making a path

Sure, retail stores made “pathways” even before, but now it seems like they know how to properly do it. You should design your retail store so everyone can (or even must) walk a path in order to get somewhere. If they do walk through your store — they’ll notice more stuff. Simple as that. But when making a path you don’t want to make it dull and boring. Include different products in the path, add interesting LED lights and LED strips marking the path etc.

Generally, I’m happy with all the retail design trends that are happening in 2016. Everything seems like it’s improving.

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