Compass Insight 101

Marco Iannone
4 min readOct 30, 2017

You’re about to look under the hood of Compass Insight. Do reach out for any question at

Compass Insight is the ultimate media monitoring solution. It aggregates content from any source you choose, uses machine learning to personalise, filter and categorise it for you, and enables you to read, analyse, and share that content your way.

It is loved by product developers, content marketers, marketeers and innovators.

Getting started

Sign up to a package with a 2-week free trial. You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade any time.

After entering your details, you will be able to select feeds that are relevant to you: unlike other solutions, you get to choose the sources of information that truly matter to you and your team. It’s a first step to ensure your account will have high-quality content only.

Add your own feeds

You can subscribe to any source of information: those you read, those you wish you had the time to read, and those you don’t know yet. They can be regular web searches, news sites or blogs, the news sections of websites such as your competitors, Twitter accounts, your favourite newsletters, and more. The bar on the right will tell you if you’re getting close to your package limit, in terms of number of articles per month.

As soon as you’ve added your feeds, Compass Insight will aggregate recent content from them: you will receive an email when your account is ready.

Enjoy your own curated knowledge hub

Your account is ready: content will now continue to flow in: make it a daily routine to scan the headlines, read what looks interesting, look at related content, go to the original source, share, comment, etc.

Your very own knowledge hub

You can search through content combining various criteria in the top bar. If there is a search you do often, save it: it will appear on the left sidebar.

We created two common searches for you already: “All Content” and “My Content”. The former is simply an unfiltered collection of all your content. The second one has some machine learning magic to it: as you use the platform, your preferences will be analysed, and a personalised selection will be generated just for you, automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

Add an email alert to your search: you’ll receive the top results for that search every day or week in your inbox. What you read or share there will also count for your personalisation.

Create your own collections of articles: tick the box and add them to a list. “Favourites” and “Read Later” are two lists we created for you. Your searches and lists are only visible to you.

Manage your feeds: just go to their section, on the left to add, delete, edit.

Click on the top right to manage your account: here is where you can invite your team members. “Admin” users have full access to the platform, “read-only” users can only create their own searches, alerts, lists.

Become a pro

Once you’ve mastered the essentials of Compass Insight, here are a few other features you may come to love:

An account with relevance and tags. Relevance can be edited from this view.
  • Relevance: mark the content as no/low/medium/high relevance. Relevance will be applicable to your whole account, and will enable you to create ‘relevant-only’ searches for you and your team members: see it as a quality filter. It can be such a time saver.
Relevance (top right) and tags (bottom right) for a document. Admin users can edit both.
  • Tags: categorise your content using the topics, companies, products, ideas that matter to you. A bit more of that magic: assign the appropriate tags to a few articles, and our machine learning will learn from it and assign those tags automatically to content old and new.
  • Mentions: if some content is relevant to a team member, just go to the comment section, and alert them via @ and their username.
  • Newsletters: select a few documents, or a list, click on “Create Newsletter” to access a complete newsletter editor, to share content with your team, company, clients or partners.
A snapshot of what’s happening in your industry: as granular as you want it to be
  • Visualisations: within the context of a search, say, “relevant content from last week about machine learning”, you can visualise tags or keywords in terms of how often they’ve been assigned, and whether this has been increasing or not over time. For instance, in the context of machine learning, stories about Healthcare, Cloud Computing and Marketplaces have been dominant last week. Click on a tag to navigate and view relevant documents or keywords.


We hope this gives you a good idea of what Compass Insight can do for you, and perhaps makes you curious to try it out.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at