The Nitty-Gritty of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the most common ways of storing, sharing and backing up digital data to a safe place such as a virtual cloud.

It does not consume any space on your server network or on the hard drive of your computer, so you can save, and share your files without worrying about storage space. This data that you store using cloud technology can be accessed by users around the world any time.

Here’s a fun fact: Hotmail, Gmail, YouTube and Instagram all use cloud technology.

How it works

Cloud storage, such as Dropbox, allows you to increase the storage area of your servers as you can transfer archived data on a virtual cloud that you can access anytime. This comes in handy, especially in cases of data loss, due to systems’ malfunction, external threats or natural disaster.

With your data backed up on the cloud, you can retrieve it again.

Benefits of cloud storage

Cloud storage offers much more security to your data. You can control who has access to your data. You can either make it accessible to public, or keep it private. Added to this, with the advancement in technology, there are continuous improvements being made to ensure that data remains protected.

Rather than paying for more servers to store your increasing amount of data, cloud storage means you have unlimited storage area.

Cloud storage technology saves costs for companies who do not need to purchase their own servers now. Using this technology, they can share the same data with different people, at the same time — that too without limitations, unlike servers.

Cloud storage also has backup service to ensure that none of your files go missing for any reason.

Cloud storage for businesses

Previously, businesses purchased computing software based on what they felt they needed in the future. Since they did not want to underestimate demand, they over purchased such software. Plus, the networks, servers, office space, bandwidth and professionals required to install and run the entire setup all added to their costs.

So, businesses benefit from cloud storage as these enable them to run important programs using the internet, eventually saving time and money. They can then pay for the cloud services they use just like they pay for other utilities.

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