Go ahead — search your email right now for the subject line “Popular in your network”. If you are an active Twitter user, I’m sure you have a few. I mean a lot. I mean hundreds if not thousands of these emails. Every retentioneer should have a few Twitter accounts to see how they attempt to retain users.

But this email — this is retentioneering gone berserk. Being a slave to the “click” or the DAU” means you A/B test your way all the way down to the bottom of the barrel. And you keep going and start digging yourself a hole. And then you decide to ship something where you announce that something happened but require a click to find out. Guess what? You’ll never know what happened next!

“Nexus said something”.
“Rand Fiskin just tweeted”

Seriously — who sends this in an email. Should we give Rand a gold star for tweeting? I mean wow. Should we start a hall of shame for retentioneers?

I look forward to these every day in my inbox. Just so I can not click. But I always open the emails — open rates vs click rates matter.

Great retentioneering is all about delivering value. Not tricking for clicking.

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