Places to Visit in Goa in 3 Days

So you’ve decided it’s time to for a holiday but your boss isn’t the kindest person. You only have three days you can spend and you want to travel, but how could you experience anywhere in only three days. You’ve heard of Goa and you always thought it would be a great place to go but surely It’s not worth going for only three days. Well i’m here to tell you that it is possible, more than possible I encourage it. Here is an itinerary that is sure to give you one of the best experiences possible on a short schedule.

Honeymooning In Goa!
Have your honeymoon in Goa — right by the beach, just perfect.

Day 1 Beaches

Anyone who visit Goa has to experience the beaches first and foremost. Could you imagine coming back from Goa just to tell people you missed them, thats is a tale I hope is never told. The beaches in Goa are full of beautiful sunsets and buzzing with tourists. Here are the three you must check out while you have a chance.

The most popular beach in Goa is Congulate beach, and even more it’s the biggest beach in Goa. Due to it’s massive size you will find plenty of activities. Push yourself and try some of the blood pumping, adrenaline inducing water sports. You can parasail, ride jet skies or just swim in the beautiful arabian sea. You will find plenty of places to dine along this beach so even just wandering down the stretch will be an experience.

The next beach I believe everyone should try is Baga Beach. Its right next to cangalate beach so you can wander over here after. But save this beach for the end because it has a sunset you don’t want a miss. There’s a little sandbar here you can chill on to watch the view. Don’t worry you don’t have to get drenched to get there though, there’s a bridge connecting the mainland to this little refuge.

Day 2 Churches

While you’re in goa you don’t want to leave without taking the chance to experience Goa’s incredible churches. These old buildings are truly a sight to behold with their complicated and intricate architecture. These churches will leave you in awe after you have visited them.

goa churches

The one church you can’t visit Goa without seeing is the Ballisca of Bom Jesus. This church is over 400 years all and is absolutely stunning. The moment you enter you will be surrounded by marble floors and crazily detailed walls. It also has a shrine dedicated to Xaiver fraser, in fact it still contains his remains. This shrine is gorgeous and the took ten years to prefect by a sculptor in the 17th century.

The next church on your list should be the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. This church has a altar similar to the Ballisca of Bom Jesus, as in it is surrounded by sculptures of temples and jesus himself embed into the wall. With beautiful marble walls and pillars detailed to the teeth.

Day 3 Markets

Who wants to leave Goa without some sort of souvenir to remember it by? And there’s no souvenir better than one that you had to outsmart a lonely street merchant in a battle of wits to obtain. So on your last day why not spend time checking out some of Goas best markets.

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The Maupa market is a great place to wander around even if you don’t want to buy anything. There won’t be a lot in the way of unique quilts and souvenirs. You will have evr find plenty of everyday items such as clothes. But either way It is still worth checking out and collecting some cheap items you may be lacking at home. You’ll find pottery, spice, local fruit and more.

The buzziest market you will want to check out though is the Anjuna Markets. Located in north Goa you’ll find plenty of gifts for yourself and your friends here. They sell local handicrafts to artificial jewellery and accessories. You won’t just find tourists wandering around here though, but plenty of locals as well. So if you’re good at bargaining then you’ll come out of here with plenty of cheap knick knacks.

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