Pastoral Symphony*

Celebrate dear heart — rid yourself of weariness,

forgive all that was dissonant, for

you’ve arrived at the country immense.

The moments here are well formed,

and punctuated by silence..

O meadow you play the bass in tonic,

The trunks I see are the root of the chord,

Dear canopy I hear your chord progressions,

Birds that sit atop compose nature’s melody..

All of nature meets at the brook,

having quenched thirst,

they gaze at the stream and divine secrets.

Flowing water plays the motif in strings,

Cuckoos speak through the clarinet,

quails the oboe, nightingales the flute.

Rapt in wonder,

The forest gathers quietly and kneels by the rivulet.

Approaching from a distance is pure gaudium,

oh how glad your songs make me — dear country folk.

Thou truly are people of god,

blessed with this expanse — knowing not scarcity and constraints,

open-hearted, you give volume to goodness,

Your songs always use major chords..

Aren’t you all like little children,

Bless your souls — I love the riotous tempo…

Come here and talk to me,

before your purity makes Zeus jealous..

What ill luck to have seen you Dionysus,

your devilish tinted eyes appear squalid to me,

I know who invokes you…

This setting is not yours, find the road to a city.

These sheets of rain and cruel thunder,

This mad violence — finds its source in you.

You are always lurking at the end of dark abandoned streets,

carnivores follow you….

And in throbbing lunacy drown themselves in sin,

till they turn blind.

Ah you’re going away — this is not your place,

for I now hear a peal of thunder in the distance.

Aye dear sheep, O sinless cows..

You’ve been saved.

The one that herds you looks other-worldly,

his power looks authentic.

Nature sways to his lute,

The brook supports his walk..

and common people love him.

We must say our prayers and seek mercy.

*An interpretation of Beethoven’s 6th (Pastoral). Every stanza maps to a movement.

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