White People Are A Little Too Damn Happy About Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren
David Dennis, Jr.

How dare you lump all ‘white people’ into idiotic statements like “This makes white people ecstatic” — seriously?

First of all, who are you to speak for all “white people?” Secondly — speaking of idiots (your term— no hater bigotry here, right?) — there is no such thing as “racism,” per se. There is ONE RACE and that is HUMAN. We are ALL equally human. The notion and term of ‘racism’ as put forward in 20th century America, is a well-funded, power-grabbing, politically motivated, shut-everyone-up lie. THAT is the new “institutional racism.” Any “white” person that speaks up against any agenda considered “black” now knows this by being immediately cast as a “racist.” But the TRUTH is — there is no such thing as a “black race” or a “white race” or a “brown race,” etc. It is not possible for us to be “racist” against one another since we are all the same race. Every other distinction about us, including our skin colors, is about ethnicity — “tribes and nations.” Nationalities. Cultural roots. Not “race.” Biology 101.

Now, there IS such a thing as prejudice. You should know. That is who and what you appear to be, based on your piece. You are prejudiced against what you call “white people.” You clearly judge all “white people” based on their skin color alone. Isn’t that the very definition of being a “racist?” How lame! What is your goal? For all Americans — regardless of skin color — to be equal and respectful toward one another? I don’t think so. Your goal, and the BLM goal, quite clearly appears to have become the shut down of any and all free speech which you PERCEIVE to oppose or denigrate your position in any way shape or form, whether or not that is what is actually being said. Let me be clear — I am not saying this in support of what this woman said on-the-air about which you wrote. I am saying this in reaction and response solely to what you wrote and how you wrote it. But I can’t wait to be accused of being a “racist” for what I am writing, because that’s the first (and often, only card) that gets played in these exchanges.

Frankly, “black” Americans have not cornered the market on social injustices, Trust me, we all DO understand the “black experience” (the same as your likely ability to grasp and understand what it has been like for women to be held down, discriminated against, and treated as “less than” over the years). We have heard about slavery and the struggle to overcome the practices of prejudice in great detail for decades and honestly, are very, very tired of hearing about it now (again) in increasingly shrill, militant and insulting terms. You and many like you in your generation are (likely, unwittingly) part of a larger political power ploy aimed at Americans too young to have actually experienced all the genuine struggle and cultural rebalancing in the 60’s and 70’s. The current renewed and largely fabricated “struggle” seems to be all novel and fresh to your generation, and the Black Panthers (sorry, BLM) understand that they have a “new market” for their rhetoric and propaganda. A burning cause -whether or not it is reality — that you can identify with and latch onto for value and meaning in your life. But for many of us over the age of 45, we’ve heard it all before and most of us responded back in the 60’s and 70’s with cultural corrections, renewed minds, understanding and vocalized support. And now we see all manner of people of all skin colors having great successes in this country (let’s start with you and with Trevor Noah — all that suffering you’re experiencing. It must be terrible to be you!).

So what are the (genuine, not manufactured for media) injustices today? That a “black” person committing a crime gets shot by police? “White’ criminals and Hispanic criminals and whatever-other ethnicity of criminals also get shot during the commission of crimes, especially when refusing to respect the legal authority confronting them. But we don’t hear about those other incidents in the mainstream culture. Thank you, mainstream media (of which I was once a part). Cue the newly minted “institutional racism.” I feel like a victim every day when I listen to/read or watch the news, or read the likes of your piece.

Which brings up another issue. For the record — although I consider myself simply an American, by your terms I should be technically classified as a “European-American” in contrast to the term “African-American.” And contrary to your depiction of “white” (European) Americans being mindless robots who’ve all somehow been raised the same way by the same people, and programmed to think and believe the same things, European-Americans are not some vanilla-white mass of like-minded people lacking all culture. We are MULTI-CULTURAL. My bloodlines are Russian, Irish, Greek, German, and Gypsy. Can you top that for multi-cultural roots? I am proud of those roots, I celebrate those roots, and I DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for who and what I am.

So where does this idea come from that you declare anyone with an ounce of “black” blood in them, to be only “black,” as if the rest of their heritage is subservient to that? Case in point — Barack Obama. But we “white people” are told we are “racists” to point that out when his ‘being (only) black” is shoved down our throats day and night, or if anyone — regardless of their skin color — even to criticize him in any way (and “blacks” who criticize him are suddenly not “black” but “Uncle Toms?”). He could have been a lot more appealing as president to a lot more people by proudly being both cultures and ethnicities that are his heritage. Besides, Obama’s the freakin’s president! I reserve the right as an AMERICAN to criticize or question any president or politician, any day of the week, with intelligence and without insults. Yet, every critic of Obama — regardless of the demeanor or decorum or even the skin color of the criticizer — has been “schooled” and told (by liberals of all stripes) that we must support him as our president (i.e., no criticism whatsoever of his policies or beliefs), and that we must “respect the office of the president” (i.e., criticizing him as president would be disrespectful of the office to which he was elected). I assume that is how you all will now behave toward the new president in the White House? By the way — voting for a president based on skin color (let’s be honest about how many voters did that) is also “racist” by definition. So if you don’t want to be judged or treated in ways that are based on skin color, then don’t act and think and talk about everything based on skin color. Good grief!

But I digress. Here’s the bottom line. Frankly, I don’t care about “black lives” above all other lives and, as our recent elections showed, a majority of Americans no longer care about all that BLM whining either. You’ve overplayed your hand. Move on! We care more about human lives. We care more about all American lives. We care about EVERYONE…EQUALLY. No more “white guilt!” No more “black” militancy! When you and BLM, et al, care about everyone in this country, too, then we will be getting somewhere. Stop the hate — and stop being the hater! Let’s unite behind the idea of being HUMAN together, let’s address legitimate injustices for EVERYONE in America together, and let’s stop the divisiveness of these lies of “racism.”