Important Information Regarding Friday’s Allium Hard Fork


Recently it has come to light that ASICs are active on our network. As part of our commitment to maintain egalitarian mining, we have developed a new Proof of Work algorithm called Allium.

We have scheduled a hard fork for block 58671, around 8pm UTC on Friday the 16th February.

The hard fork will activate our new proof of work algorithm on the network — this renders scryptN ASICs useless, as scryptN will not be used by blocks after 58670.

In order to stay on the network after the fork, you must download the latest garlicoin client — the old client will not be compatible with the new fork and you will not stay on the correct chain.

It is critical you update before the hard fork occurs on Friday.


The Garlicoin-qt wallet is a GUI wallet and node, so it will store a copy of the blockchain and connect to peers. That can be found here.

Our github releases page has the allium ready garlicoind and garlicoin-cli binaries compiled for various different operating systems.


Current mining software is not compatible with allium and you will need to update your mining software, as well as your bat files. We have added allium to ccminer, sgminer and cpuminer.

The allium compatible miners can be found on the GarlicoinOrg github.

As of yet binaries have only been released for ccminer-allium, which can be found here, however we will have all binaries compiled in time for the fork.

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