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Everybody considers professional photography editing services to be an important part of photography itself. Today it’s not difficult to find professional photo editing services for realizing our photography purposes. It can take a lot of time during finding the preferable one. However, recently I have come across the article about choosing such kind of services written by the American photographer. Her name is Jennifer Murlow. She tells about BEST PHOTO EDITING SERVICES, which can enhance your photos into any outcome you want. Beside, she describes all specifics and needs for qualitative finding the best online photo editing service. I want to share with you her descriptions and my impressions.

For many photographers the most important thing is to get real, outstanding photos for commerce selling. Of course, you know that the most popular and common professional photo editing service is Photoshop. As it is the pioneer in images retouching of all categories we know, we can do such tasks by our own. But think about it. How much time will it take for you? Isn`t it easier to outsource your works to professional photography editing services? Especially, when it comes to the photography season`s peak. Thus, Jennifer writes online photo editing services reviews and steps for successful outsourcing.


When Jennifer had been finding those best online editing services, she mentions Photoshop`s editing skills, which are common within many retouching services for professional photographers. Of course, we all know how powerful Photoshop is. Nevertheless, you can be disappointed when you will find out retouching rates, examples, quality of services and feedbacks. Jennifer found those problems and answers for them, after failing in independent tries in finding the best photo retouching services.
Therefore, she created her own list of demands for every professional photo editing company. I must say that her selection of criteria is quite correct. I have no seen any photo editing services reviews, which could include those demands, but Jennifer saved the situation. To be more exact, she describes the next points: general rating, quality of services, retouching prices, retouching speed, retouching terms, interface of a main website. And I agree with her, because it helps you orientate in those photo editing results, which you want to get in the end. Moreover, you should not forget to mark your own demands to photo editing companies for photographers. Otherwise, you can be confused by unwanted results. The best example for checking professional retouching services competence is, as you can guess, portrait retouching. Thus, skin retouching and toning, background correction and its removal, photo masking are the best way to see their work. Jennifer discovers that, in result I will tell you about 10 best photo editing services you may want to try or avoid in future while editing your newborn photos.


Jennifer explains that this site has a large number of retouching services, which can confuse beginner photographers. In fact, there are more than 15 types of retouching offered by FixThePhoto Company, while usually there are not more than 3. This impressive number is justified by the fact that they want to know the client’s demands proper, for example, the retouching of the portrait and headshot’s will be different in style and mood.

Photo editing companies:

I believe that it is very convenient and allows you to explain your retoucher what you want from him/her. I also liked that the site has an active blog with all the current news of the world of photography and image retouching. Moreover, you can also get acquainted with FixThePhoto reviews to get the clearer idea about their activity.
Among other photo retouching services, I gave this one the top priority, as their retouching turn out to be the best one. They took into account all the mistakes made by all other services, and corrected them. I like the way they worked with all the small details, starting from the wool on the blanket and the toy, ending with small dots on the skin in some areas. I like the smooth changes from red to the more white-pink body color.


These guys have quickly achieved the first positions of all tops in the last year. When you get to their site, the first thing you think about is — they are neat men. The site is filled with stunning photos, where they show incredible manipulations with photographs.

Photo editing companies for photographers:

The most interesting is that the prices here are not so high. The biggest rate is $10 for complex photo manipulation. The best photo retouching services mustn’t always be the most expensive. Their photo retouching price list is done in a more traditional style — 4 types of retouching + color correction. The blog dedicated to the Photoshop techniques and camera reviews is also worth considering. Because of the blog I stayed on the site for another half an hour. WeEdit Photos can attract their clients!

To my mind, their retouching looks really natural. They kept the basic tone of the photo, but withal, improved the shortcomings. I like how they worked on the color correction. It remained a bit reddish, but it’s not particularly noticeable. They are also the only retouchers, who decided to add some volume to the blanket. It is not so evident, but still it is very nice that they think about such trifles while retouching.


Wedding Retouching has more than 10 types of wedding photo editing services, but they are also ready to retouch other types of photos.

Professional photo editing companies:

Their website has a light design, everything in a wedding style, as it should be. Wedding Retouching portfolio contains wonderful examples, and some of them you would like to study for a long time. The prices start with wedding photo editing packages. I have to admit that this is an excellent choice if you are a wedding photographer or a wedding photo editor, who is too busy to deal with all your orders. These packages include photo culling, color correction, and all types of image retouching. The photo retouching rates per image is quite common — from $2 to $10.

I would call their photo retouching softer. I like their color correction and the same shade of the whole bode. Even the arm looks natural, while other services made it pale. I think that there are some shadows lacking on the face, but for the most part everything is done perfectly. The redness on the face has completely disappeared.


Their website is quite simple and has no extra information, which can confuse beginners in photo retouching. Despite their specialization on boudoir images, they fulfill skin retouching very well, about what Jennifer says in her photo editing service review.

Online photo editing company:

Nude Retouching Service contains many before & after photos with a convenient comparison option. There are also pre/post pictures with a detailed description of the changes made.
Examining retouching work, first of all, I would like to mention that they are professionals in the field of skin retouching and have proven this doing my task. They perfectly cleaned all the skin imperfections and made it smooth. Even redness in the area of the ear and arms was removed.


This service stands out among the others as it specializes mainly in retouching high-quality magazine photos. The site is modest, with a little information, but at the same time, it shows the most important things.

Online photo editing companies:

Prices for retouching are rather high (but for this quality it is justified) from $10 to $150. Examples of retouching are great. They make images for magazine covers, advertisements or even billboards, so you do not have to worry about the natural look of the skin. My photo was edited perfectly and I like the skin tone of the baby after retouching. The team of High-End retouching service added the contour around the head and hands, which I like very much. The retouching deserves 10 out of 10 points.


At first glance, the Image Salon is a good retouching service. It strikes the eye a bit that their website is built using a poor-quality website builder, although they try to hide it in every possible way — adding videos to the homepage and a lot of examples of photo post processing.

The interface of the website is rather simple and everyone can understand it. The examples of retouching and prices are conveniently located. As for rates, I would like to talk separately, as I did not quite understand how they are formed. All the prices for retouching are cheaper than $0.50, and only one kind of retouching “Portfolio” is $7. So, I think it is a quite cheap photo retouching service. The speed of work indicated in the price list is rather questionable — it is 5–10 days. It is very long for outsource Photoshop editing. Looking closer to the retouching, I noticed some defects:

  • First of all, there is a glare and red spots on some parts of the child’s face. There are the sockets on the face with strong noticeable reddening. The tone of the face is uneven.
  • Also examine all the disadvantages of face retouching, you can’t but notice a very red ear. Especially in comparison with the general tone of the skin it stands out very much.
  • If you look at the color of the skin, you can see that his hand is very pale, compared to the whole body. So, I can’t say that this company is the best among other photo editing services for photographers.


The next images editing service is Tucia. Jennifer’s Tucia reviews considers this website being a very qualitative and pleasant one. Their interface is attractive and simple, so both professionals and beginners in photo retouching can choose their image retouching degree. But their website lacks detailed descriptions and the examples raise a laugh, especially those that cost $24, as their quality can be questioned.

The next images editing service is Tucia. Jennifer’s Tucia reviews considers this website being a very qualitative and pleasant one. Their interface is attractive and simple, so both professionals and beginners in photo retouching can choose their image retouching degree. But their website lacks detailed descriptions and the examples raise a laugh, especially those that cost $24, as their quality can be questioned.

As for me, Tucia photo editing is too soft, because of using very soft skin tones. Despite their attractive before and after examples, Jennifer got her portrait pale. Moreover, their prices are little higher (8$per one picture) than average rates of all professional image editing services. Nevertheless, she got her edited image within 36 hours, what is the normal term, in my opinion.

My photo retouching is rather nice and the color correction of the skin is good. They chose the tone well, and removed protruding wool on the blanket.

There is not enough contrast and shadows on the body, especially on the face. As a result, it looks boring. If I were them, I would use dodge&burn.


Then we’re going to Retouchup reviews. Murlow says about this service as quite irritating and unattractive, because of many popup windows. Well, I agree with her, because I had the same problem too. Thus, their information can confuse even the professional in photo editing. I was annoyed with the design and the style of the site, as it looks less creative.

The most ridiculous thing in this online photo editing service is unusual information about Retouchup coupon, which Jennifer describes in her blog. These coupons are provided by them, but they are not valid! What a comedy! However, their retouching skills are not so bad for me, and they can please you by their standard prices — 5$ per one photo.

Considering the retouching, Retouch Up are not the worst, but there are some remarks. The first thing is that the shade of the baby’s skin looks too reddish in the upper area.

  • A very grainy skin and glare in the nose area.
  • RetouchUp also made a greater emphasis on the background than was intended, increasing its contrast.


Photofix review is the next on what I want to pay you attention. This is a quite standard site with the ordinary interface and without any information about their professional photography editing services. In fact, Photo Fix rates are higher than standard — 8 dollars, and their before and after examples are not outstanding, what says Jennifer too. As for me, I found some amazing ones. Then she says about one Photofix’s problem — spamming from their side. Nevertheless, PhotoFix provide your photography copyright, what is very useful for every photographer. Unfortunately, I did not get any result from them, because I did not manage to place an order. I couldn’t load my photos on the site and didn’t get any response to my e-mail.


The last one is the photo retouching services, which Jennifer and I can’t name a professional photo editing one. We mean Shootdotedit. This service has complex interface and it’s difficult to find the information you need to place your order. There are lots of weird windows and buttons. Shootdotedit has not before and after examples at all, I find it strange because people cannot be sure that the style of retouching demonstrated by them will coincide with what they want. Moreover, you can`t start working with Shoot Dot Edit without month payed subscribing. ShootDotEdit rates are very high.

I hope, you’ll find photo editing company for you. Despite some disadvantages in some best online editing services, Jennifer`s review includes more services and much information, so read it and get some new online photo editing services to address.



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