Best Wedding Photographers Edit Services Review

Today I read an article that contains reviews of different wedding photographers edit services. The author is talking about wedding image editing quality and the way services keep the photographer’s style. I’ve send a raw wedding photo of the brief with the same instructions to 10 online photo editing services and here is what I got.

10 Wedding photo editing services rating

Having addressed all the professional image editing services, I’ve got the following rating: Fix The Photo is on the first place, Wedding Retouching occupies the second and this is not surprising as they specialize in wedding photo editing. Then comes We Edit Photos as a cheap retouching services & High-End Beauty Retouching. There is Nude Retouching service, which offers great quality and moderate cost on the fifth place. Next company is also good in providing professional photo editing, though their quality is obviously lower — Evolve Edits, they got the same average note and can also be useful. The seventh place is occupied by Retouch Up. Next in line, with a little bit worse result comes Vital Edit. The ninth is Photographers Edit and personally I would not recommend turning to them. And the last comes Shoot Dot Edit.

I made 10 orders for image retouching of the same photo in one day. I got really curious about how quickly and professionally each of these post-processing services for photographers will cope with the task. Photo retouching rates per image are almost identical in each service, except two of them, so they have equal odd. In my order, I explained the main request for picture retouching — I want to see the Pro level, I also want them to make color correction of the skin and enhance background, and give the photo a stylish look.



Website Looks quite simple, but at the same time, you can find there a huge bunch of various services. The guys from FixThePhoto offer dozens of types of professional photo retouching online, sell and distribute free actions for Photoshop, presets for Lightroom, and perform lots of others photo improvements. Most of all I was surprised by FixThePhoto blog. I mean, it happens quite rare that the image retouching service has an active and useful blog with articles devoted to the world of photography and image retouching. There are dozens of examples of all types of image retouching with a photo manipulation price list for all of them on the site.

Service To make an order you need to go through a short registration — just enter your name, password, mail and website, and after confirming the account, you can easily upload your images directly from the form on the site and indicate your requirements for the work. The manager of this image editing service will get in touch with you within an hour and you will place an order. It is really nice that you can send an image of up to 50MB in any format convenient for you. The FixThePhoto retouchers did their job within 48 hours.

Photo editing The image retouch was done very professionally. Now, the photo looks like the cover of a fashion magazine. Most of all, I like the way they worked with colors saturation which resulted in a more volume photo. I admire how the background looks now, with its rich green color.

Conclusion FixThePhoto is the service that combines everything that all other services-competitors lack.



Site The website of this wedding photo editing service is made in white and turquoise colors. It may seem that they are engaged in wedding photo retouching only, but in fact, they set to work of any other type of portraits. This outsourcing photo editing service is a great choice for photographers as these guys offer special packages for wedding retouching:

- they will make color correction of 700 pictures for only $99;

- other $50 will be spent on Pro Retouching of 20 photos.

Service For placing an order, you need to fill in a standard registration form that does not differ from other sites. You simply register and proceed to sending your photos to the retouchers who will contact you in the short run (within 30 minutes). I got the result on my e-mail in 24 hours.

Photo editing The image retouch is done remarkably in the unique style of this professional photo editing service. I like their Dodge & Burn and how it perfectly highlighted the lines of the face and the neck. They also added color saturation, which looks especially gorgeous on the hair. There are more shadows added to the background.

Conclusion This is the service that will make a mash on you and will make you forget about all other wedding post production services. They are neat photo retouchers.



Site This is the best website from this list. As soon as you open it, you clearly understand that these guys know their work. WeEdit.Photos service has a very simple and smoothly designed site. There is a wonderful blog about equipment (cameras, lenses, drones, graphics tablets, laptops and so on) and programs for photographers (Lightroom, Capture One, ON1 Photo RAW) with some useful tips. The examples of professional photo editing are awesome. I like the accentuating the changes made on the “after” photos.

Service The attitude towards the clients is just wonderful. I had to go through a small registration and discuss with the manager details of image retouching needed. The photo retouching was done in a day and a half. I got the results and the letter on my e-mail. The most surprising thing was the letter. They wrote that if I am not satisfied with something in their retouching, I can return the photo with a list of complaints and they will completely redo the photo for free.

Photo editing WeEdit.Photos treated the image retouching a little bit different. This is one of two services that decided to make the face plastics, mainly the plastics of a lower jaw. I do not think that there were any flaws about the jaw, but this is a rather interesting approach to the post production photo editing, although not everyone will like it. Color correction is superb and I like that they did not make the picture sharp, but retained its softness.

Conclusion It is one of the best photo editing services we have nowadays. Their system “we work until you are satisfied” will attract a lot of people.


Site At a first glance, the website looks rather simple and unelaborate. The truth is that such simplicity dissembles the best photo editing service in High End style. I must say that this is the most expensive service listed, but it’s worth it. They are engaged in retouching photos for magazines, advertising stands, billboards, but they will easily attempt a task of retouching your photos. I like their animated viewing of before/after images. In fact, you can spend many hours watching it.

Service Everything is top notch, as I expected from this image editing company. The manager answered my questions quickly and accepted the order. I paid through PayPal, so everything was professionally done.

Photo editing They added contrast and sharpness to the lines while picture retouching and made an excellent color correction. As well as the guys from WeEdit.Photos have done face plastic, High End Photo Retouching Company concentrated on the chin improvement. There are no signs of the stray hair removal.

Conclusion This is an expensive and very quality image retouching. If you are interested in magazine photo enhancement services, this one is what you need.

Nude Retouching


Website Nude Retouching is a service which specializes mainly in the nude and boudoir photography retouching. They are considered to be the leaders in the field of skin and body retouching. The site is quite simple, designed in black and pink tones, they offer cheap photo retouching services — from $ 2 to $ 10. They perform a big number of high-quality photo retouching examples.

Service To register, it takes you a minimum of information and time, in general, it took me less than half an hour to make an order, and that was only because of problems on my part. The manager gave me the instruction for making the order right after the registration. Outsourcing photo editing procedure took about 48 hours.

Photo editing They focused on the skin retouching, making it as natural as possible, nothing superfluous, everything is neat and beautiful. I like the skin especially when zooming in, they somehow retained the texture of the skin when retouching, so even when you look closely at it you do not notice any changes.

Conclusion If you want to retouch your photo to make the skin look natural and beautiful, whether it’s nude or an ordinary image, — it is the best photo editing service for you.

Evolve Edits

Website Evolve Edits review is full of the detailed questions about their professional photo editing because not everything is clearly specified on their website. At the first glance it has a good design, but when you try to find some information, like the before and after examples of image retouching here, you’ll see how difficult and incomprehensible it is. The most stupid is the lack of info about photo retouching prices on the site. How can people objectively consider the work of the service if they do not know the price for it?

Service To place an order you need to register providing a great number of unnecessary information, as your phone number or address. I could not register at the first attempt, because the Evolve Edits site did not want to accept my residence address. Customer service works great they helped me to place an order in a few minutes, even if I uploaded the RAW file, not JPEG (it turned out to be a problem for the next services).

Photo editing A medium-quality image retouching, it can hardly be called a professional photo editing.

Let’s start with color correction of the skin:

The skin of the shoulders looks very pale, especially in comparison with the skin of the hands and neck, the transition from white to normal skin color is too sharp.

They decided to remove the shadow in place of the fold of the hand, as well as to smooth the skin, so the fold of the hand seems to be missing as if is an even part of the hand.

The background stamping made to remove the stray hair really strikes out.

The dress is overexposed, it practically loses its shape in this part.

Conclusion It turned out to be pretty expensive, you may not foresee that. And the author didn’t get Evolve Edits promo code as well so think twice before turning to them. The quality is acceptable only after you demand several revisions and this is why it occupies the sixth place.

Retouch Up

(hollywood fotofix)

Retouch up reviews are not promising and you understand why while trying to understand how everything works.

Website Has a good-quality and simple design, you can easily find answers to the questions you are interested in, such as prices or examples of their work. But the examples of wedding photo editing are questionable, there are many of them, but I would not call them qualitative, it seems that they chose the first photos from their old archive and placed them into the gallery. Also, the design of the site was a little annoying, like advertising on the walls of a supermarket.

Service To register you need to specify the address of your residence, postal code and phone number, as well as all your payment information. As for me I prefer to pay via PayPal, it is convenient and I trust it, here it is not possible, you simply will not make an order without a registration.

Photo editing The guys from RetouchUP stood out among the other services with their color correction, while everyone wanted to give the skin its natural look, this image editing service failed with it. Retouchup reviews:

All the skin and background are now in a pink tone, green plants have become orange and red. It feels like they applied some kind of warm filter to the photo.

As the skin acquired a pink tone, the girl’s lips merged with the overall color and look terrible.

They didn’t even work with the Stray hair removal.

Conclusion There is information that you do not need and it is difficult to simply create an account. In addition, Retouch Up coupon is not handed to you, the price is high, and their quality of the wedding photo edit turned out to be low — this is what you should know.

Vital Edit

Website Looks very attractive at the first glance, it is simple and everything is located really convenient, but having thoroughly studied it, you can notice several substantial drawbacks. The first is the absence of before and after post production photo editing examples. We see only the photos been retouched not in the best resolution, so it is very difficult to view them closely. I also noticed a bug of the site that interferes with the viewing of photos — when you click on some photos to zoom in, a completely different photo opens.

Service It is quite easy to place an order, fill in the basic information about yourself and start sending photos. The manager supervises you at every step and helps not to get confused. But I could not figure out why 2 managers changed during the ordering, and each time I had to explain what I needed.

Photo editing. The image editing they performed didn’t look as performed by the best photo editing services. Color correction is not done at all, the skin has become pale and the whole picture is dull. The first thing that caught the sight of this hair, is that they added volume, it looks interesting, but it is followed by the biggest problem in their work.

The background is very poorly stamped, repetitive parts of the background are visible, for this reason, a blurred circle that appeared around the head catches the eye immediately when comparing the photos before and after.

They stressed the nasolabial folds visually increasing the cheeks. Dodge & Burn wasn’t applied at all.

Conclusion As for the Vital Edit reviews, they are full of doubts about the post production photo editing quality. It turned out to be average in the author’s case but this time it was pleasant to get the Vital Edit promo code.

Photographers Edit

Website Looks really good and the Photographers Edit reviews are quite positive as well, this is especially encouraging because most photo retouching services reviews are strictly edited by administrators, and negative ones are usually eliminated. There are no examples of their work, so it’s very difficult to judge their professionalism in advance.

Service But despite the great first impression, the Photographers Edit usability turned out to be fake. It took a lot of time to upload pictures and explain everything with the form. The price was high, but not too much. Unfortunately, I did not receive the results of the work, I got the money back to my account the next day, but the reason for the refusal was not explained.

Shoot Dot Edit

Website I could not find a Shootdotedit before and after which is very unprofessional. I had to give my email, to get a mail with advertisement and to look through additional photo editing services to finally find out Shootdotedit pricing, which was horrible. Comparing it to any other professional photo editing company, you find out that not only Shootdotedit pricing is terrifying, but Shootdotedit’s website is overcomplicated and is the most tiresome. You may think that after such inconveniences you can at least get a Shootdotedit promo code to reduce this enormous pricing just a little bit, but the answer is no.

Service In addition, you cannot just upload your pictures on the site, you need to watch a special Shootdotedit YouTube instruction (possibly several times) and the whole process can take you half a day or even a day! The most interesting is that I never managed to send them my photo for editing because I just could not upload the file. As you understand, it will be quicker, easier and cheaper at the same time to edit wedding photos yourself, than to turn to the Shootdotedit. Everything above is a clear reason why Shootdotedit occupies the last place and why Shoot Dot Edit Reviews are really bad.

To sum up, you do have an opportunity to use truly professional photo editing service: you need to turn to the FixThePhoto or Wedding Retouching. Both of them are able to edit wedding photos at the highest quality, follow your individual style and not spoil your images. We Edit Photos is also a reliable company in the search of editing wedding photography. A perfect wedding photography editor is hard to find but it’s possible. In the end, I highly recommend you to become familiar with this article.



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