Jim McGuinness’ gruelling training regime is taking it's toll on Donegal

“ As Jim said, they have men who really need to stand up here and as Jim says, get that energy and drive it forward. But I don’t think it’s in their legs. Too many of their key players have been exhausted from the regime the previous manager put in place.”

Peter Canavan’s statement at half time of the Dublin Donegal game about the fitness regime that Donegal went through when under their previous manager didn’t go down well with Jim McGuinness.

You could almost feel the tension in the room from your television, along with the death stare McGuinness was giving Canavan as the former Tyrone talisman continued with his analysis.

However, it was evident in the second half of that game that Donegal don’t have the legs that they once had. The gruelling fitness program that they were forced to go through was taking its toll, and it was plain to see on players such as Rory Kavanagh and Karl Lacey.

Even players such as Michael Murphy for example. He isn’t playing to his full potential and you could use the argument that he isn’t being played in his proper position, but his legs have been through a lot the last 6 seasons and it’s finally having its after effect.

Donegal will struggle to keep up with the likes of Kerry and Dublin due to the effect of the demanding and exhausting regime that was in place, and it is a pity, because they certainly have players capable of competing at the very top.

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