Senses awake without a break 
Catching every sound and change of shadow
The night is too light and too noisy 
Shivering eye sockets 
Fidgeting toes 
Never sleeping ears 
Restless fingernails 
Onto next and next and next 
The forgotten start to itch 
And the pain is coming — 
Pain in the knees 
Head, shoulders, knees and toes 
Knees, just knees
Maybe head as well 
Misaligned shoulders 
Moisture sucked out by wind — 
Wind outside the window 
Truck in the horizon
Opening and closing doors 
Scratching chairs somewhere above — 
Here goes another one 
Something new on the back
Turn on the light
Turn around 
Turn on the other side 
So many turns and flashes in the night 
How will I survive another night? 
How will I survive another day, I scream — 
Screaming children 
Shouting grannies 
Bikes and trucks 
And tricyclic contraptions 
Around the corners 
Back and forth ring the bell 
And don’t fall off — 
Fall down to your bed
At the end of the day
And begin the cycle all over again 
And again 
And again…

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