actually, if you wanted a game’s careful lighting design to take center-stage, to really stand out…
kris gale

I haven’t played Qube, but from what I see from the images, this wouldn’t really qualify. Having no textures is not the same as having lo-res textures.

And even the very few textures that they use, are actually HD.

Those diagonal green lines would not be smooth if this was a lo-res texture.

Neither would these arrows be (at least from what I see from the screenshots they look nice and clean). If it was really lo-res they would look like Minecraft.

The difference between a hi-res and a lo-res texture on a high-poly model is the equivalent of wearing these two t-shirts:

Now think about having pixel art textures on ALL of things, including our skin, faces, buildings … All color information in the world would come in discreet, big pixels. That would be a lo-res texture, high-poly world.

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