Retrospring Translations, Part 2

They are ready, after some days of (painful) work, the locales are now finished to a state where we can start translating the site into multiple languages.

To have some sort of quality control (with somewhat trusted and native speaking users) we are going to accept an amount of translators over applications, this will show us the languages people want to include first and so we can focus on completing these first.

We will support (if available) multiple users per translation, so you can help each other translating and fixing problems in writing/grammar/etc.

If you want to apply as Translator for your language, just send us a mail with the headline “Translator for [language]” and some details about you (if you are a native speaker, which is preferred, etc.) to , we will then add you to our Translation Platform and tell you further details over email.

Happy translating!

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