Into the Deep End (Part 3)

So today is the last day of the home sessions, and I have managed to keep my head somewhat above water so far. It was a positive experience compared to the past two days; I found myself able to complete my tasks in fairly good time compared to earlier this week (albeit a bit late).

Having said that, however, today was a fairly frustrating day for one reason: the Binary Search assignment. Try as I could, I could not manage to pass one of the tests (the search for 40 in an array of multiples of ten up to 1000, which was to take 3 iterations or less as compared to my 5), and I had to submit my code as it was. On the other hand, I’m quite confident in the elegance of my Missing Number lab.

In addition, today marked another first for me: I’d merely dabbled with HTML and CSS before, and so the front-end assignment was a bit of a novelty. I chose to clone the landing page of Tumblr, one of my favourite websites. I did have issues getting the font the site uses right, and as a personal project I’d like to clone more of the functionality of the website. My attempt wasn’t perfect, but as it stands I’m rather proud of what I was able to produce in a fairly short period of time.

With those assignments done, with the completion of this blog post I’ll be done with the home sessions. The ultimate challenge of this week’s activities remains: collaboratively working with a team on Friday. I’m both a bit apprehensive and eager for that — on the one hand, I don’t know how well we’d work together and I don’t want to be the weak link on the project. But on the other hand, it’s been quite a while since I had the chance to work with other developers (instead of just alongside them) and I relish the opportunity no matter what comes out of it.

For me it’s been a grueling, tasking race, but the finish chute is in sight. All that’s left for me to do to warm up for Friday’s final lap is to work on both my soft and technical skills. I’m not certain that I’ll be selected for the second week of the bootcamp — in fact I’d be lying if I said I was at all positive — but this week has been an interesting and in many ways enlightening experience for me, one that I will treasure for years to come. Thank you for having me.

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