5 Things You Can Do For Your Business Growth in 5 Minutes or Less

When it comes to the little things in our business one of two things tends to happen; we either spend too much time on it or we skip it all together and put it off for another day. I know that I have personally been guilty of both of those at various times. Let’s take a few minutes today and just get these done and check them off the to-do list so we can move on.

#1: Update Your About Page

Spruce it up a bit, but don’t spend all day there. Maybe swap out the photograph for a newer one or include some information about recognition you received for your work recently.

#2: Order New Business Cards

#3: Renew Your Domain Names (or Don’t)

If you’ve been thinking about switching registrars now could be a good time to do that, it’s quick and easy to do. I know quite a few people have been switching from GoDaddy to Namecheap because they don’t enjoy GoDaddy’s marketing techniques and advertisements.

I personally prefer Namecheap and switched my domains there a few years ago because I found their customer service to be much better than what GoDaddy offers. Namecheap won’t try to sell you 100 up-sells and add-ons that you don’t need, plus WhoIs privacy protection is included for free in the purchase of your domain.

#4: Thank Someone for Being Awesome

Take a few minutes and truly thank someone who has made a difference in your business, whether that’s a mentor, a client, or a random blogger online whose information was exactly what you were looking for. Send them an email, post something on Facebook, tweet about it, or even send a hand written thank you card. It will make their day and yours a little bit brighter.

#5: Outsource Something Small So You Can Finish Something Big

There are plenty of things in your day to day business that can be handled by someone else, so take 5 minutes to send a list to your virtual assistant and then get yourself back to work on the more important things that really need your attention.

cross stitcher ✂, writer ✍️ , transcriptionist ⌨️, dabbler in all things creative ✂ , mom, wife, finder of lost shoes….

cross stitcher ✂, writer ✍️ , transcriptionist ⌨️, dabbler in all things creative ✂ , mom, wife, finder of lost shoes….