5 Things You Can Do For Your Business Growth in 5 Minutes or Less

When it comes to the little things in our business one of two things tends to happen; we either spend too much time on it or we skip it all together and put it off for another day. I know that I have personally been guilty of both of those at various times. Let’s take a few minutes today and just get these done and check them off the to-do list so we can move on.

#1: Update Your About Page

If a potential client or prospect comes to visit your site and they want to know more about you or your company before they place an order or purchase your services, or if they just want to contact you, they’ll likely click on your About page to learn more. The information you have there should be fresh (or evergreen) and relevant.

Spruce it up a bit, but don’t spend all day there. Maybe swap out the photograph for a newer one or include some information about recognition you received for your work recently.

#2: Order New Business Cards

Yes, people still use business cards even though we have the internet and email. If you’re running low or if your business card stack is old, it might be time to freshen things up with a new design and updated contact information. It only takes a few minutes and you can easily order online if you don’t want to make a trip to the local print shop.

#3: Renew Your Domain Names (or Don’t)

If your domain names are not set to manually renew and bill your credit card take a few minutes to check up on them and renew them before they come up on expiration. If you have domain names you’re not using right now, think about whether or not you really need them. If it’s been a year and you haven’t put anything on it yet then chances are you can scrap it and cross it off your list.

If you’ve been thinking about switching registrars now could be a good time to do that, it’s quick and easy to do. I know quite a few people have been switching from GoDaddy to Namecheap because they don’t enjoy GoDaddy’s marketing techniques and advertisements.

I personally prefer Namecheap and switched my domains there a few years ago because I found their customer service to be much better than what GoDaddy offers. Namecheap won’t try to sell you 100 up-sells and add-ons that you don’t need, plus WhoIs privacy protection is included for free in the purchase of your domain.

#4: Thank Someone for Being Awesome

The rise of the internet and social media has sort of ruined our manners overall. Sure, we say “thanks” but we’re often in such a rush that we forget to smile and truly show appreciation for other people or we just click “like” and we don’t say anything at all.

Take a few minutes and truly thank someone who has made a difference in your business, whether that’s a mentor, a client, or a random blogger online whose information was exactly what you were looking for. Send them an email, post something on Facebook, tweet about it, or even send a hand written thank you card. It will make their day and yours a little bit brighter.

#5: Outsource Something Small So You Can Finish Something Big

If you’re spending too much time on quick and easy day to day tasks in your business, chances are you’re doing them to procrastinate on doing something more important so just outsource the small task and get down to the real work that needs to be done by you.

There are plenty of things in your day to day business that can be handled by someone else, so take 5 minutes to send a list to your virtual assistant and then get yourself back to work on the more important things that really need your attention.

cross stitcher ✂, writer ✍️ , transcriptionist ⌨️, dabbler in all things creative ✂ , mom, wife, finder of lost shoes….

cross stitcher ✂, writer ✍️ , transcriptionist ⌨️, dabbler in all things creative ✂ , mom, wife, finder of lost shoes….