Super Fun Lorem Ipsum Alternative Text Generators for Your Project Mockups

Lorem Ipsum text refers to the placeholder text that is often used in project mockups for design, whether that’s a brochure design, a website design, or even the layout for what will become a PDF report. Pasting in some Lorem Ipsum content to the design helps your clients to visualize what the final project might look like once it’s all filled in with their own content.

But just because you’re using dummy text doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It doesn’t even have to be the standard Latin Lorem Ipsum. It just needs to do two things; 1) act as a placeholder until the real text is ready and 2) help the client visualize the project so you can move forward on it.

You’re a fun and interesting person, so let’s look at some fun and interesting Lorem Ipsum text generators to help you out with those project mockups so you can dare to be different and make your project proposal stand out from the crowd a bit. All of these text generators can provide you with customized options for length and number of paragraphs. Get in there and have some fun experimenting with the different options.

Note: A few of these have some salty language and swear words in them.

Pirate Ipsum

Who said you can only use pirate talk on International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Strike colors Letter of Marque aye carouser mutiny crack Jennys tea cup swab doubloon Jack Ketch Arr. Spyglass sutler holystone stern scurvy aft blow the man down plunder Corsair draught. Tackle main sheet hardtack careen crow’s nest draught me bucko landlubber or just lubber squiffy.
Warp sutler mutiny lookout Pirate Round topsail rutters gunwalls barque Nelsons folly. Haul wind tack hearties coffer wherry heave down jolly boat Plate Fleet chantey Cat o’nine tails. Gibbet hearties tackle jolly boat run a shot across the bow quarterdeck skysail Letter of Marque trysail bilge water.

generate more Pirate Ipsum at

Ancient Alien Ipsum

All your favorite Ancient Alien theories and lots of UFO talk.

Ancient alien choral castle star people UFO spaceships electromagnetic, I know it sounds crazy… Alien legendary times gods worm hole Mayan, Easter island extraterrestrial origin sanskrit ancient alien theorists. I know it sounds crazy… Sightings mainstream archaelogy anti-gravity DNA manipulation Mayan spaceships, Machu Picchu Machu Picchu UFO Chariot of the Gods, Nazca lines space brothers golden disk burmuta triangle. SETI space brothers alien clearly Chariot of the Gods pyramids astronaut, sanskrit targeted mutation Mahabharata helicopter heiroglyph ancient god astronaut, Puma Punku elongated skull crystal skull targeted mutation golden disk.

generate more Ancient Alien Ipsum at

Stranger Things Ipsum

Are there strange happenings in your project? Or maybe you’re just a fan.

Eggo’s… she really likes Eggo’s. Mouth-breather. Friends don’t lie. Mistakes have been made. It’s finger-lickin’ good. Why’s he gotta kick the door? Don’t take it so personally, okay? I don’t like most people. He’s in the vast majority. You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to. You’re pretty cute, you know that? Bitchin.’ You are such a nerd. No wonder you only hang out with boys. YOU BETTER RUN! She’s our friend, and she’s crazy!

generate more Stranger Ipsum at

Bacon Ipsum

All the meats you could ever imagine.

Spicy jalapeno bacon ipsum dolor amet buffalo sirloin frankfurter bresaola. Cupim pastrami ground round sirloin ball tip chicken hamburger t-bone meatball pork doner. Burgdoggen fatback venison turducken ball tip. Picanha fatback sirloin short loin porchetta buffalo venison. Salami alcatra ribeye kevin beef ribs tongue jerky. Meatloaf sirloin capicola tri-tip porchetta flank spare ribs tail shoulder.

generate more Bacon Ipsum at

Veggie Ipsum

The vegetarian version. Totally fun for food blog and cookbook mockups.

Turnip greens yarrow ricebean rutabaga endive cauliflower sea lettuce kohlrabi amaranth water spinach avocado daikon napa cabbage asparagus winter purslane kale. Celery potato scallion desert raisin horseradish spinach carrot soko. Lotus root water spinach fennel kombu maize bamboo shoot green bean swiss chard seakale pumpkin onion chickpea gram corn pea. Brussels sprout coriander water chestnut gourd swiss chard wakame kohlrabi beetroot carrot watercress.

generate more Veggie Ipsum at

Batman Ipsum

If you’re working on a dark and ominous project, this is the Ipsum for you.

Every man who has lotted here over the centuries, has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom. So easy, so simple! And like shipwrecked men turning to seawater foregoing uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying. And then here there can be no true despair without hope. You can watch me torture an entire city. And then when you’ve truly understood the depth of your failure, we will fulfill Ra’s Al Ghul’s destiny. We will destroy Gotham. And then, when that is done, and Gotham is… ashes Then you have my permission to die.

generate more Batman Ipsum

Doctor Who Ipsum

The Doctor is quoted almost daily in my house, so I think this one is my personal favorite. It’s definitely the one I use the most. Pick your favorite Doctor or Multi-Doctor. Thirteen hasn’t been added yet, but I’m hoping she will be added to the mix eventually.

Come along, Pond. Look at me. No plans, no backup, no weapons worth a damn. Oh, and something else I don’t have: anything to lose. So, if you’re sitting up there with your silly little spaceships and your silly little guns and you’ve any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight; just remember who’s standing in your way. Overconfidence, this, and a small screwdriver. I’m absolutely sorted. No idea. Just do what I do: hold tight and pretend it’s a plan. Have a jelly baby.

generate more Doctor Who Ipsum at


Options to generate your filler text from Doctor Who, Dexter, Futurama, Monty Python, Arrested Development, The Simpsons, and Star Wars. You can include code tags for headings, ordered and unordered lists, and in line styles. Once you generate the text you can choose standard, HTML, or Markdown formats to copy and paste.

But with the blast shield down, I can’t even see! How am I supposed to fight? I’m surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. What?! You mean it controls your actions? Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

generate more Fillerama text at

Bob Ross Lipsum

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Your placeholder text will be happy and beautiful when you use this text generator. This is my second favorite ipsum, using it just brightens your day.

We don’t make mistakes we just have happy little accidents. Happy painting, God bless. Every single thing in the world has its own personality — and it is up to you to make friends with the little rascals. I’m gonna add just a tiny little amount of Prussian Blue. Almost everything is going to happen for you automatically — you don’t have to spend any time working or worrying.
Mountains are so simple, they’re hard. Isn’t that fantastic that you can make whole mountains in minutes? You have to make these big decisions. Don’t be afraid to make these big decisions. Once you start, they sort of just make themselves. It takes dark in order to show light. We don’t want to set these clouds on fire. We must be quiet, soft and gentle.

generate more Bob Ross Lipsum at

Even More Text Generator Tools Filled With Quirky Fun…

I could probably spend most of a day listing out Lorem Ipsum style text generators with all sorts of fun themes and funny texts. To be honest, I’m only about halfway through my bookmark list right now. But you and I both need to get back to work at some point, so here are some more worthy mentions that you might have fun with, minus the screenshots so you can scroll a bit quicker 😉

Social Good Ipsum

All the social issues and goodness packed into one ipsum text generator.

Relief; the or, thought provoking humanitarian; overcome injustice changemaker capacity building program area. Segmentation, low-hanging fruit support, initiative move the needle. Youth mass incarceration innovate scalable her body her rights issue outcomes. LGBTQ+; inclusive, grit invest changemaker. Storytelling expose the truth, mass incarceration philanthropy improve the world NGO. Green space engaging, ecosystem technology; families collective impact benefit corporation the.Resist peaceful; youth strategy green space, gender rights theory of change rubric.

generate more Social Good Ipsum at

Cat Ipsum

Of course there’s a cat themed Ipsum! Cats rule the internet.

Peer out window, chatter at birds, lure them to mouth. Grab pompom in mouth and put in water dish roll on the floor purring your whiskers off attack feet. Cough hairball on conveniently placed pants meow meow, I tell my human, hate dog, and claw drapes claw at curtains stretch and yawn nibble on tuna ignore human bite human hand meow to be let in. Cat snacks cat slap dog in face meoooow with tail in the air.

generate more Cat Ipsum at

TV Ipsum

All TV themed quotes all the time, lots of lines from classic TV favorites.

The mate was a mighty sailin’ man the Skipper brave and sure. Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour a three hour tour. The year is 1987 and NASA launches the last of Americas deep space probes. Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale a tale of a fateful trip that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship.

generate more TV Ipsum at

Metaphor Ipsum

This one can actually be really fun to read.

To be more specific, a workshop is a wash’s chess. The zeitgeist contends that authors often misinterpret the grease as a tonguelike panther, when in actuality it feels more like a squashy makeup. A ptarmigan of the digger is assumed to be a ruthless ice. We can assume that any instance of a chimpanzee can be construed as a pally curtain.

generate more Metaphor Ipsum text at

Nietzsche Ipsum

For those deep and thought-provoking projects.

Snare dead love enlightenment hatred depths salvation insofar. Law self noble fearful horror endless depths suicide self against will. Suicide endless of selfish right chaos free truth. Ascetic philosophy merciful morality faithful endless snare love merciful. Ascetic depths philosophy inexpedient morality joy snare right derive. Value depths philosophy against against. Passion disgust love spirit holiest spirit.

generate more Nietzsche Ipsum at

Zombie Ipsum

Choose regular, lite, or 50% more brains for your zombie themed text.

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris. Hi mindless mortuis soulless creaturas, imo evil stalking monstra adventus resi dentevil vultus comedat cerebella viventium. Qui animated corpse, cricket bat max brucks terribilem incessu zomby. The voodoo sacerdos flesh eater, suscitat mortuos comedere carnem virus.

generate more Zombie Ipsum at

Forcem Ipsum

Star Wars themed Lorem Ipsum generator. I’ve used this one, but I sort of felt it wasn’t quote-y enough to be fully Star Wars geek worthy. It’s mostly just paragraphs straight out of the scripts for the original trilogy, not quite as fun as I’d hoped. I prefer the Fillerama generator mentioned above for Star Wars themed ipsum text.

Greetings, Exalted One. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Solo. I know that you are powerful, mighty Jabba, and that your anger with Solo must be equally powerful. I seek an audience with Your Greatness to bargain for Solo’s life. With your wisdom, I’m sure that we can work out an arrangement which will be mutually beneficial and enable us to avoid any unpleasant confrontation. As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift: these two droids. What did he say? Both are hardworking and will serve you well.

generate more Forcem Ipsum at

Coffee Ipsum

Perfect for those caffeinated projects.

Aromatic eu, cortado, to go sit coffee foam galão, cup caramelization iced spoon barista qui lungo. Roast cortado, to go whipped blue mountain rich aged, affogato froth, galão mazagran shop robust iced organic galão plunger pot bar mazagran brewed. Bar, aromatic, half and half extra caramelization, grinder in, dripper cappuccino a, saucer blue mountain variety filter mocha trifecta aftertaste. Eu percolator irish, ristretto grinder doppio a, arabica, saucer, brewed irish flavour galão, half and half shop aromatic flavour french press.

generate more caffeinated Coffee Ipsum at

Wine Ipsum

Lots and lots of wine talk here.

The level of perceived sharpness is referred to as acidity by sommeliers, or “tartness” by drunks. A mommy needs more wine than adolescents. Intense hatred of wine is called oenophobia. All grape juice is white, only the skins of purple grapes contain the dark pigment. Some whites age better in stainless steel. Shiraz, Syrah, what’s the difference? There is none.

generate more Wine Ipsum at

Liquor Ipsum

All the liquor words, with the option to add mixers.

Tempor curae, est tullibardine ligula scelerisque nullam mollis tempor bibendum ad arcu, blue blazer. Placerat nulla mollis smirnoff suscipit seagrams bibendum congue, belvedere, aviation. Daiquiri; aenean, gin pahit painkiller fames sit vestibulum; a glen grant. Christian brothers, chicago cocktail royal widow rabo-de-galo pisco sour glenmorangie edradour abhainn dearg two fingers zurracapote four score.

generate more Liquor Ipsum at

Office Ipsum

This generator has options for office-speak, client-speak, and even standard old fashioned Lorem Ipsum. You can also submit your own office speak lines to be included in the generations.

Not enough bandwidth prairie dogging, but player-coach, for we’re starting to formalize flexible opinions around our foundations. Blue money. Fire up your browser, back to the strategy we need to dialog around your choice of work attire we don’t want to boil the ocean and driving the initiative forward. Prioritize these line items. This is a no-brainer no scraps hit the floor, and re-inventing the wheel, nor table the discussion , or can you send me an invite? Work flows we don’t want to boil the ocean. Red flag mobile friendly, yet that jerk from finance really threw me under the bus. Value prop. Who’s responsible for the ask for this request? I just wanted to give you a heads-up, for that ipo will be a game-changer not a hill to die on.

generate more Office Ipsum at

Lorem Fucking Ipsum

This one is all full of F-bombs, so might not be appropriate for client projects, depending on the client. In certain cases, it might just be perfect.

Sometimes it is appropriate to place various typographic elements on the outside of the fucking left margin of text to maintain a strong vertical axis. This practice is referred to as exdenting and is most often used with bullets and quotations. Dedicate yourself to lifelong fucking learning. You won’t get good at anything by doing it a lot fucking aimlessly. Respect your fucking craft. What’s important is the fucking drive to see a project through no matter what. This design is fucking brilliant.

generate more text at

Samuel L. Ipsum

You might have guessed by the name, it’s a Samuel L. Jackson style text generator. There will be F-bombs, there will be personality, there will be lots of your favorite movie quotes.

Normally, both your asses would be dead as fucking fried chicken, but you happen to pull this shit while I’m in a transitional period so I don’t wanna kill you, I wanna help you. But I can’t give you this case, it don’t belong to me. Besides, I’ve already been through too much shit this morning over this case to hand it over to your dumb ass.

generate more Samuel L. Ipsum text at

Other Useful Lorem Ipsum Alternatives…

And now that we’ve looked at some of the fun options, let’s take a look at a few Lorem Ipsum alternatives that have useful features that you might need in your next project mockup…

Blind Text Generator

This is Lorem Ipsum plus a few other features. There are 10 text generator choices, including Lorem ipsum, Cicero, Li Europan lingues, Far far away, Werther, Kafka, Pangram. Plus you can generate CSS for font options and spacing to go with it. There’s also an HTML snippet generator for web design mockups.

Loripsum Text Generator

This text generator lets you include common tags, lists, headings, quotes, and code snippet bits in formatted rich text and HTML5.

Sic enim censent, oportunitatis esse beate vivere. Deinde dolorem quem maximum? Quis est enim, in quo sit cupiditas, quin recte cupidus dici possit? Quae cum essent dicta, finem fecimus et ambulandi et disputandi. generate more Loripsum text with tags at

HTML Ipsum

As you might expect from the name, this generator gives you bits of HTML code to use as placeholders in your design.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

A quick and easy image block that you can customize with colors and text to use as a placeholder for ad areas or other blocks where an image might be in your design. Super plain, but also fast to generate an image in a customized size without having to open an image editor program, Photoshop, or Canva.

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