Today I took on work that I don’t like.

I spent 10 hours doing something that was insanely boring because of a stupid promise I made to somebody else.

I feel guilty because it kept me from doing my daily writing.
I feel ashamed because I was moody like hell today.
I feel upset with myself because these negative feelings turned me into a bad partner.
I feel disappointed because I have wasted one day of my life.

Today was a shitty day. And all because I was too ‘kind’ to say no. Now, I ask myself: whom was I kind to? Did I do anyone a favor here?

I know exactly that from now on, I will feel bad to take on work with this person again. Had I said no to this job, perhaps a project would have come up in the future that was a perfect fit for me. But now, I probably wouldn’t take on such a project anymore, even if the opportunity came up.

Doing something you don’t like never does any good for anyone. Anything that kills your spirit will come back to you in one way or another.