John Boehner Just Released a Video that Definitely References His Crotch

Speak Softly, and Carry a Big Gavel

Word on the Hill says John Boehner has a huge gavel. Even Nancy Pelosi said it was “larger than most” when she handed it to him in 2011.

In this online video, Boehner and a group of his buddies tell us the history and origin of his “enormous gavel.”

John Boehner is finishing up his final days as Speaker of the House and apparently he is having fun with the remaining dollars of his digital budget — by arguably making the most sexually suggestive video he could think of.

But then again, maybe the innuendo isn’t meant to be suggestive. After all, Boehner is no stranger in the world of weird political videos. Late night talk show hosts at least had fun with this one.

Unfortunately for Boehner, size didn’t matter while he was Speaker — he still struggled to keep control of a bitterly divided House. He is stepping down from his position as Speaker at the end of October, due in large part to pressure from his fellow Republicans.

The new Speaker better come equipped with a massive mallet if they expect to bring order to this politically chaotic House. Stay tuned.