In its latest round of policy changes, Facebook is targeting low-quality ads and dirty tactics that provide a poor experience for its users.

While some in the business of lead generation will be groaning, the crackdown is fantastic news for those of us who are playing by the rules.

Fewer dodgy advertisers means more quality leads at a lower cost for clean players, plus the policy changes open up new opportunities (if you know where to look).

Facebook Founder/CEO Mark Zuckerbeg

The Report Card

Facebook is really making sure that everyone advertising on the platform is above board and frown upon low-quality ads that…

Lead Management for Buyers/Sales Team

Make the most of leads to grow your business

Photo Credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images

I’m an avid Gold Coast Suns supporter and I’m also obsessed with statistics.

AFL coaches love to encourage their players to “keep doing the one percenters” — those seemingly small acts of extra effort that, in and of themselves, don’t win or lose the game, but collectively stack up to influence the end result.

When you’re paying for premium leads to grow your business, the things you do to handle those leads are your ‘one percenters’ — you must do these things well to make sure you don’t drop the ball…

By Janelle Eistreich

Cobra Digital has a dream. A dream that no business — big or small — should throw away money on outdated and inefficient forms of advertising ever again.

That’s right. EVER AGAIN.

They would also love to eradicate cold-calling, door knocking and to repair the broken morales of the sales staff who perform those punishing jobs.

It’s a lofty vision, but one that Cobra Digital’s co-founder Reuben Scheckter is tackling head on — and with early signs of success.

“Cobra Digital is a lead generation service where businesses pay purely based on performance,” says Scheckter.

“Unlike other…

An Ad Buyers Life | Reuben Scheckter

An insight and documentation of the journey behind starting/running a digital marketing agency as an ad buyer on Facebook, IG + Native networks.

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