A Little Credit Goes a Long Way

Imagine a world where we all do things without charge. We could take cabs without paying, and people would basically go into restaurants, grab what they want, eat, and walk out the door. What a beautiful world right?

Unfortunately, we all know that’s not a sustainable world. Taxi drivers will not be able to pay for their car maintenance and restaurant workers will not be able to pay rent or buy more ingredients for the food they cook. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you should pay for services rendered.

That’s logic right?

Unfortunately, in the world of photography, it’s not often the case. When every human being carries a decent camera in their pocket, the value of photography suddenly declines.

But why? Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer any more than owning a car makes you a mechanic. Yes, you have the basic understanding of how it works (pressing a shutter button or a gas pedal) but do you get what goes on under the hood?

Yes, I do understand that we sometimes can’t afford to pay for fancy pictures and sometimes they might cost a lung, but there is something you can do to help. Give the photographer some credit.

What is credit going to do?

It’ll open doors. If you’re willing to share someone else’s pictures, means other people are going to like them too. And if those people are looking to hire a photographer, at least they know who took the shot, edited it, and captured a moment.

Common practice is to always ask permission before sharing. Most wouldn’t mind the extra publicity if the picture is already floating around the web. And when you do share the picture anywhere, adding a little “Photo Credits to @ photographer’s name” at the end of the post wouldn’t do any harm right?

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