Ignorance is bliss

“Mastery over the nature of reality grants you no mastery over the behavior of reality.”

The truth is this: knowing the problems of the world doesn’t give you the solution to the problems. To think that you can change the world is far too idealistic.

Yes, an insignificant number of us will ever possess that world-changing chance, but the odds are not in your favor. For every positive thing you do, you know for a fact that it has been undone almost immediately by another bunch of people who could not be bothered.

That’s why I feel that sometimes ignorance is truly indeed bliss. The more we are aware of the problems around us, the more their weight crashes on our shoulders. What’s the point of moving the ocean if you are just a drop of water?

But I can only wish that I was ignorant because I am not. Whether by divine intervention or by luck, I’ve been blessed with a curious mind that loves to ponder about problems.

And pondering over them would never solve them. The law is that entropy is always in a state of increase. You can slow it down, but you will reach eventuality sooner of later.

There’s no moral of the story here…and yet, maybe there is. You have to decide if you are going to change the world or die trying.