Old Souls

Adulthood is full of responsibilities and other life crises. For most of us, we put it off as long as we can; for the rest of us, we prepare in advance our entry into adulthood. We embrace the truth that the early bird catches the first worm. We are the Old Souls.

Our lives are built upon the stories of what we have done. We remember fondly the good ol’ days and are weary for what the future holds. We’re unsure about tomorrow because we’re anchored to the past. Despite being weary of tomorrow, we are preparing for it. We take on the responsibilities of today, tomorrow, and the many more tomorrows to come. For every decision we make, we consider the implications five years down the road.

We have a vision of where we want to be. We know what we want in our ideal future. And we will work our best to reach that goal. Temporary satisfaction and little victories are insignificant in the bigger scope of things and are easily dismissible if they contradict in the overarching plan. We don’t plan for tomorrow; we plan for five years from now. We live simultaneously in the past and the future and often forget about the now.

This makes the present a difficult place to live in. The past seems glorious and the future is slowly but surely taking shape…what does the present hold except for the gloom and toil and the ever constant nagging of reality. The present is difficult because it is a state of limbo. We’ve moved on from our nostalgic past, and our imagined future is far from being accomplished.

As an old soul with still a ton more to build, the present terrifies me. There are times which I feel the weight of the possible futures piling up and suffocating me, I won’t lie, but at the end of the day after countless hours of toiling, you look behind you to see the steps you’ve taken and look ahead to see that you’re just that much closer to your goal that is when you decide that the sweat was worth it.

Sometimes you have to take a step back to truly appreciate the lessons of the present. I have to be honest; I still don’t like the present. I rather live in the past or dream of the future, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. And so I have no choice but to work towards that future — taking baby steps every day and preparing for the day when I can stop planning ahead.

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