WEEK -1 Updates [27th May — 2nd June]

Reuben Varghese
Jun 3, 2019 · 1 min read

This was my first week working for this edition of GSoC. While I haven’t particularly been happy with the progress, I look forward to more productive weeks in the future, now that I am relatively free and hopefully can focus better on the tasks at hand.

Coming to the tasks that I have begun:

  1. Implement a method to ensure that a fresh page is fetched each time the react page is refreshed: Currently, when refreshing a page, the contents of the page are fetched from the cache. This results in an older version of the website being loaded.
  2. Improving the search algorithm: I am also working on this task simultaneously.

Tasks completed:

  1. Setup the environment
  2. Merged a few pending PRs

Blockers faced:

  1. For some reason, the search functionality is not working locally for me. I am sure this is a silly fix but I am working on getting it up and running.

All in all, it was a slow week due to a lot of reasons but I am positive about a much more productive week ahead :)

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