This GSoC period went past very quickly is somewhat of an understatement in my case. That being said, we stayed through it all and managed to work in spite of whatever other commitments I had from the other major changes happening in my life. The last 3 months saw me move to a different country, the last two weeks, saw me get a new phone, a new apartment, basically start a new life. Working and meeting goals while in the middle of all this seemed like a daunting task but thanks to the support from my mentors, we made it work! Moreover, the end of GSoC does not mark an end to my involvement in OpenMRS! So, to summarize the past summer, here is a quick recap of the features we worked on and the features we missed working on.

So this was by far the most hectic weeks for me during this summer without a doubt. This was the week when I fixed a bunch of issues in my PR while waiting to board a connecting flight from Hong Kong to JFK :p

That being said, most of the changes were addressing the comments made by Darius on the two PRs made by me. One on the advanced search query feature and other on the latest releases page PR.

Next week marks an end to the coding phase for GSOC and I am still yet to come to terms with how the past 3 months flew by!

This week was really not that great in terms of progress. I kinda saw it coming but I never knew I'd have so much to do . As you may know, I'll be leaving for my Ms in the next week to New country and this surely comes with a lot of purchasing and other formalities that I need to complete before leaving. Hence , I was kinda caught up with all that but I still did work on the gsoc project but not as per my satisfaction :(

Nonetheless, moving on to the progress part, I was dumbfounded by…

This week was really amazing. I got my second eval results and thankfully, I passed! After a day of celebrating, I resumed where I left off.

I was supposed to make changes to the release page and advanced search PRs. The changes while necessary weren't the easiest. That being said, I managed to make them and will be committing that code shortly. I hope to resume work on the UI for the submission form after gathering community feedback for the same. On to week 10!

Okay, so this week was the last week in which our progress would be considered for evaluation 2. So, as you may have guessed, this week was extremely crucial for all GSoC student participants!

After submitting the changes for the advanced query search feature, Darius and I realized that doing the job of search query parsing on the Java side instead of the UI side would lead to much cleaner code. Both of us searched extensively for a java based parser but to no avail. Finally, we decided to keep this task aside On to week 9!while I create a…

First off, I would like to apologize for the delay in getting this blog post across. I was at the Linux Open Source Summit, Japan last week and it was an amazing experience! At the same time, between the long 16 hr flights and the jam packed 3 day trip, I somehow had to manage completing my gsoc tasks as well. While I successfully managed to make steady progress this week(albeit, it wasn’t my most productive week so far), making this blog skipped my mind.

So, coming back to the progress of week 7. This week, I made a bunch…

As a continuation of the work done in week 5, this week, I worked on improving the search feature and implemented the suggestions made by Darius. I had also begun work on adding some tests for these new features when the inevitable happened.

This week wasn’t one of the best weeks I have had in GSoC. The reason being that I was ill for the most part of it(nothing serious but enough to pin me to my bed with a headache). I wish I could get the week back but I will have to make up for the lost time somehow. Hopefully, week 7 will be more productive although I am still recovering from my illness.

This week was a crucial week for all the GSoC students as we all got to know the results of our first evals. Fortunately, I passed but the evaluation feedback from my mentors helped me figure out some key areas where I must improve. Can’t believe it is week 5 already!

Coming to the work done this week, this week, I have implemented a search query parsing library to parse our queries instead of doing the same manually.

This was a fairly easy job to do. The tough job was to get it work well with the Spring Backend. I…

This week was super hectic and extremely difficult for me. I had just pushed a code that migrated AddOns from using webpack v2 to v4. For some reason that was initially unbeknownst to me, the build failed on OpenMRS CI.

Ironically, this same build passed locally as well as on Travis CI.

So now, this latest commit is a significant one wherein we are migrating from Webpack v2 to v4. Webpack v4 requires our server to use nodejs v10+ and npm v6 and above. Does CI meet these requirements when running the build?This …

So this week was great in terms of overall progress. We had some pretty significant changes implemented this week

The most significant being the migration of AddOns from Webpack 2 to v4. This has been long due and we finally managed to complete it this week. As part of the migration, the AddOns cache issue has been removed and we have added a bunch of optimization features that come with webpack v4.

Work has also begun on the advanced query search feature and an initial PR has been created. …

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