7 Lies of Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing can be either your secret weapon or a real estate system that you wish you had never attempted. Right now there are lies about real estate marketing that contain recently been spread around for years by those who don’t want agents to unlock the power of marketing. A lot of those who have spread these lies have done this unintentionally and others intentionally.
By simply discovering these real estate marketing lies you will have the secrets to switch your real estate business into a machine.

  1. Marketing Is Expensive. Many brokers assume that marketing is expensive so they never take the time to look into how they may make it work for their business. Bad marketing is very expensive and can ruin the experience for an agent. When ever marketing is completed appropriately it is about spending little to get a sizable go back. For example if you knew that you could spend $280 on marketing and you would return $4, 000 in go back will you consider it expensive? So the only marketing that is expensive is marketing that was not tested, hasn’t been proven, and won’t generate you leads.
  2. Marketing is About You. Have you ever seen a postcard, flyer, or an online site of a real estate agent the place that the only thing that you observe is a giant picture of those riding a horse or with a dog? These types of agents have been informed that as long as they “get their face out there” they are successful. I would like to ask the following question and answer it seriously: Do people care more about themselves or people they can’t say for sure? If you answered that folks value themselves more than us that is correct. Marketing that is about you will only be one of the most expensive types of marketing you ever do and not produce the results that you desire.
  3. Marketing Only Works Once You Are Already Successful. Often in hallways across real estate office buildings all around the country agents say “That agent does marketing because they are successful”. Agents may do marketing then are successful they market to get successful.
  4. “Your” Market is Different So Marketing Won’t Work For You. Just about every market is different however people often respond to messages that are similar. My team routinely tests 300+ messages to find 6 that work all over the country. Finding which one of the 6 that works in a particular part of a country is the task that must be undertaken in an private setting.
  5. Marketing Doesn’t Generate Good Leads. Regardless of how you get a lead whether it be an open house, a sign call, a magazine ad, a flyer, a referral, or an online site 85% percent of leads will be a total stupidity. The key with marketing is to make a leads with nets designed to find the top 15% of leads. Pertaining to example allowing brings about contact you directly can cause waste your time.
  6. Marketing is Too Difficult To Figure Out. Marketing can require screening which is why many agents avoid it for their entire careers. With no solution to test each marketing piece you take away against it can be practically impossible to find a winning formula. Marketing that generates results need to demonstrate to the potential client the best way to benefit them and it needs to do this in 10 secs or less. When each of your marketing parts evidently shows the potential customer how your service benefits them and has a clear call to action the marketing will become far much easier to discover.
  7. Marketing Doesn’t Provide Any Way To Prove That It Works. When a marketing part goes out with 5 different phone numbers, a website, and no clear message it had no chance to work. Providing tracking on marketing allows a simple way to determine precisely what is working and what leads are responding to. This kind of can be carried out with free tracking tools like Google Analytics when marketing is carried out on the Internet or an affordable 800# such as proquest.

Kevin Turner is a Coach and one of the founders of the Real Estate Uncut Program that empowers agents to use marketing to generate leads of motivated buyers and sellers in their market place.

Traditional real estate marketing is blended with the new world of Internet marketing to create a can’t miss approach for real estate agents and the new challenges that they face in today’s market.

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