“Somtimes I feel that Medium is like taking a sh*t”

Which is great value

In the first few weeks i was reading a lot of Medium posts, while Im searching for any issues, trying to learn the navigation logic and so impressed to see my little investments on the app ( reads, recommendations and bookmarks ) coming back as a great value to ME. This is probably my best reference to a great product.

Dumping my thoughts into this magical process

At that point there was only one thing left to experience, and its the writer point of view. So i did write a 2 minutes about why i think Galexy s5 is not usable as a mobile phone (which is my humble opinion), submitted the post to a few relevant collections and after a few days i understood the true overall value of Medium.

I am not a writer and don’t want to be one, but I had this internal trigger of sending my opinion to a new platform as a new user and getting the feedback based on the content relevancy to other similar users. An internal trigger that i never had before as a non-writer person. This is the kind of behaviours i’m trying to reach in my everyday job, and catching them live, for me, its the best practice there is.

Example: As i’m writing this words my internal trigger is to dump this insight i have on Medium’s value proposition and move on ( stop thinking about it ) .

Thanks for reading : )