The Shortest TODO-list ever

How I created the best task management list in 20 minutes.

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Today, people focus on so many things. Take a look at your TODO list: how does it look? If you really use it, I bet it has lots of items and tasks, waiting to be completed.

What ever happened to doing one thing at a time? This is exactly why today, about an hour ago, I decided to make the best, most useful TODO-list app.

This is Shortest.

A couple of days ago I was discussing different task management tools with Roy and Shalom, and at some point I showed them Although it’s a simple tool, it doesn’t do what the name suggests: it does not let you focus on only one thing.

So today I thought, how can I make a task management system that focuses on completing one thing at a time? And within 20 minutes, I created Shortest.

Shortest is not like any other TODO lists. Its core feature is its simplicity: and I mean, like, really really simple. Shortest has room for only one task.

At this point, you probably go like-

Yep. Shortest is the shortest todo-list ever, since it consists only of one item.

Not convinced? Try it out. Next time you need to do a bunch of things, pick the biggest, main one and put it in Shortest. Do it first, and only when you’re done, move to the next thing.

Shortest also has a pretty simple code. (Full source code on GitHub)

TODO: Check out Shortest.

On a more serious note… If you haven’t yet, check out my article about Accomplish. They are the best TODO list app out there.