Introducing Me

I am married to Bev and together we lead Crossroads — a Christian work in Burghfield Common, Berkshire, England.

We presently meet on a Tuesday evening at our home and from 3rd September we will be meeting on Sunday mornings at the Willink School in Burghfield Common.

When people ask me what I do, I sometimes find it hard to say it in a short sentence, so here goes:

Leader at Crossroads — a Christian church plant in the village of Burghfield Common

Chairman at Christians Together in Mission — A faith based community organisation serving across West Berkshire and North Hampshire, with three core services:

  • Cafe B — community cafe in Burghfield Common
  • TiM Friends — befriending service for the Elderly, Lonely & Isolated
  • School Pastors — offering pastoral care at the local high school

Chaplain /Operations manager at Still the Hunger — a mental health recovery programme based in Reading

Project Developer at Whitley SALT (Social Action Linked Together) — offering the combined services and activities of over 15 Christian charities and churches in South Reading

Apart from a busy and diverse ‘working’ life , my true passion lies in my family, playing guitar & singing and playing rugby

I regularly find myself spontaneously thanking God for the many blessings in my life — for those who are a part of it, Thank You!

My motto for life, comes from from Glenwood High School in Durban, South Africa where I completed my studies in 1977:

NIHIL HUMANI ALIENUM = No human is foreign [to me]