Restylane Is a Dermal Filler That Helps Plump Lines and Wrinkles

Most people want to look much younger than they actually are. Although there are options for plastic surgery, these are risky and do not always provide the best of results. The Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables Board Certified Dermatologist offers dermal fillers like Restylane. These fillers help to plump up lines and wrinkles so the skin is made smooth and a person looks much younger so their confidence soars.

What Is Restylane?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid gel filler that is used to plump lines and wrinkles and adds volume where it is needed. Because hyaluronic acid is produced by the body, this treatment rarely causes any major irritation, as long as it is administered properly.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that has the ability to absorb many times its weight in water. This is how it allows the lines and wrinkles to be plumped up over a period of time. There are a few different types of Restylane that are available and they are used in different areas of the face.

Restylane Lyft is used to treat the folds that run from the nose to the mouth. This product is also used to augment the cheek areas.

Restylane Refyne helps to smooth lines that run at the corners of the mouth so a person’s smile looks more youthful.

Restylane Defyne is used to treat the deep lines that sometimes form around the mouth area.

What Happens During Treatment?

When individuals are treated with Restylane, there are a few different syringe sizes available, depending on where the treatment is being carried out. The results of Restylane will last between six and nine months. The results will last until the body begins to absorb the filler material which is different for everyone.

When having cosmetic fillers injected, most people do not feel any major discomfort because the area is numbed with a topical numbing agent before the treatment is carried out. Small amounts are injected at a time until the desired results are achieved.

After the treatment, the area that was treated will be slightly more swollen than normal and red. This will pass and then the true results of treatment will be revealed. With cosmetic dermatology treatments, individuals can finally say goodbye to their lines and wrinkles, even if only temporarily. Because the injections are safe for most people, they can be carried out as soon as the positive results begin to fade.