My Path To Becoming A Third Parent
David Jay

I am a woman in a triad relationship heading into its 17th year, with 12 year old twins (his and hers biologically, but all of ours emotionally). It’s… a journey. There are moments when I sometimes feel a bit “outside” but not often. I’m the “stay at home” one, so I do homework with them, make them do their chores, cuddle them when someone “breaks up” with them at recess. I’m “Mei Mei”, and when I hear that from their mouths, it makes me smile. When I’m introduced to other kids (we have a parade of them here any given day) they say, “That’s my mom, that’s my dad, and that’s Mei Mei,” and all their friends call me it, too. And now, his oldest daughter and her hubby have spawned, and so I’m “G’Mei Mei” (grand mei mei) as well. :)

It can be tough. There are times I want to bash my head into the wall. But the rest of the time, it’s incredible. And all the tough times have been worth it.

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