Comey’s pledge of loyalty

Comey’s an interesting guy. And I admire what he’s doing.

But here's my take: What he is staunchly loyal to -- what he put his job on the line for -- is the system.

He believes in the system.

He, and others like him, will do what they have to in order to protect the system from change. Whether it's Trump's brand of change, or ours.

And I'm not criticizing him for that. I'm just saying that's his role in the system: to maintain it. And he does it well. We need stabilizing forces like Comey. And in the middle of all this uncertainty, someone like Comey, who takes careful notes and hides in drapery, looks like a freaking hero.

And I'm grateful to him for what he's doing.

But I am also wanting to remember that he is not here to correct the system. To make it work better for black and brown people, women, immigrants, lgbtq, middle-class people, sick people, or poor people. Here's here to maintain it. Just like it is, right now.