Sharing is caring for the community

The average person in India has grown up living in a shared home, playing in community-owned parks.

Traditionally, community kitchens have been a part of rural India. Sharing food is emphasized in religious and cultural practices too. India is home to the world’s largest community kitchen feeding about 100,000 a day. This lunch hall is part of the Golden Temple, a Sikh place of worship and open to everyone regardless of social or economic background.

Community-managed public spaces have been a part of the culture too. Sacred groves in India, often found near places of worship, were a means of…

The United Nations identifies the need to learn to deal with limited natural resources despite the rising population in low income countries, especially India.

Crowded neighbourhood in Varanasi, India

With more than 18% of the global population and a primarily agricultural economy, India is expected to have one of the biggest shortage for natural resources in the world.

Apart from population control, a Commons-based society is the solution proposed by many economists to manage these natural resources. The Commons is often understood to refer to resources shared and governed by the community.

The viral #MeToo tag recently took over my social media feed. Near and dear ones (and quite a few social media acquaintances) shared stories of sexual harassment. The stories were diverse, cut across gender identities, countries and cultures. A common impact of sexual harassment across these stories is the loss of trust.

I see two broad effects of sexual harassment:

1. Detachment and lack of engagement with the society.

Ubiquitous sexual harassment by strangers and barely known folks has become a part of our lives. Often, we’re forced to change our commute route to avoid the hecklers on the street. We end up spending time, money or effort to…

Revathi Sharma Kollegala

Community Builder. Passionate about marrying technology with impactful traditional collaborative practices.

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