Thank You!

I have a friend… well, everyone has one. It need not be of same gender, specie…one finding comfortable with someone else is all what is required.

There are people who boast they know about friendship and relationship. Those are the ones who are least aware of the whole concept of these terms. I don’t know if I can call it as a term, may be it turns out to be emotions as well.

She and he…I am calling them she and he here. I don’t want people reading this (by any chance) judge by their names.

“She was one of those types of girls who hated boys. The reason is old and she had the fear every time she sees someone getting closer. He was those types of boys who are least interested in making friendship groups but would go with anyone to fulfill his needs. (Well, that was her perspective).”

Now, these two managed to be the special one in each other’s life somehow and they themselves are not sure about how did that happen. He is close to that nerdy girl (that was what everyone used to call her)…how??? These questions kept rising from time to time. They answered few and then they learnt to ignore them.

The odd combo has never complemented each other. They just enjoy the moments when together or just a ping to irritate when far away. It became a routine. They wanted to say ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘i miss you’ but never said it. It was not their type.

He kept repeating how much he hated her years back for no reason and she had her own stories to tell. He talked about how messy things are happening around and she talked about those new happenings in her life. In spite of the physical distance and busy schedules both are having, they managed to spend some time for all these talks.

One day he called her up. She thought it was a usual call but was shocked to hear what he told her. He was in one of the worst situation anyone can get in that age. She didn’t think twice but sought help of her dear one and planned a trip for him. It was to have a change in place and those surroundings. She had no clue how to handle the situation. It was her first time and moreover never bothered to help a boy in such a situation. She kept asking herself why is she taking all these efforts? She couldn’t find an answer but decided to face the situation as it comes.

He arrived and she told him how clueless she was. He was not listening. She understood he needs some time to get acquainted with the place (though, it was not a new place for him). He talked about his sleepless nights and how hopeless he is with his life then. She listened and that was all what she could do for him.

It was just few minutes before his departure. They sat together and it was silence between them. Both of them couldn’t utter a word. She wished if he could stay back. And finally she broke the silence. She gathered her guts to tell it on his face and the reply was surprising. He wished the same. For the first time she felt happy for someone really enjoyed her presence. It went again into silence and few seconds later he whispered in her ears “thank you”. Her face glowed. She felt happy and satisfied.

So, the point is

“Never think twice to thank your friend”

“Never think twice to express how much you care for that person”

Who knows as in the story, the person whom you are hating the most now will be the one to hold you close in future…so, count your blessings and live your life to the moment.