The odd ones

This post is strictly for the odd people not the cool ones (no hard feelings but still!).

According to Indian Standard time zone, it would be 2016 in few hours, and as you can judge the author of this post is obviously not in a new year welcoming party or any kind of celebratory stuffs a little motivation would suffice.

Hey all,

the odd ones out there, who are couch surfing their favorite or boring shows (to just pass this damn night anyhow), munching snacks and cheating out on their diet because it is your kind of idea of celebration.

Why aren’t you in a damn party?

“Who am I to judge? When I’m too one of the sinners”

There might be a possible set of reasons that are totally fine with me!

  1. You hate these over-crowded parties where everyone is literally getting drunk and trying to have some swag with the dancing and sweating companions?
  2. You are heart broken or really afraid or just simply could not go anywhere?
  3. Or are you seriously the psychopath who’s trying to device a new plan for the coming year?

Whatever the reason buddy, I’m with you, in this long night guarding your feelings from a day that all seem to welcoming but none seem to get much. What could a possible celebration change in your life? A new resolution? Or simply a day off from the routine from this ever expanding Universe?

Oh, cosmic things I shout out my apologies to you for drowning you in this crap. Yet bear out, cause all these odd people, out of crowds simply don’t know what to do. There is not a living soul who could hear what their minds have to say nor they could bear. They don’t want a sympathetic heart but a partner to enjoy the cool breeze with a hot mug of coffee and welcome the year with a sense of completeness. And let this new year be a dent in a Universe with people speaking out their mind to all the odd ones out.