The Mayo Clinic

Our 18 hour drive was a breeze. Perfect weather, no one on the roads. We spent the night in Toledo rather than South Bend because I didn’t double check the distances in my plan. But other than that nothing to report. :)

Feel free to insert your own joke. :)

As a friend pointed out while looking at pictures I sent: the Mayo Clinic looks more like a museum than a ‘clinic’. I rather think it spoils the word clinic for every other usage. The place is beautiful and enormous and it immediately feels like it will be a different experience than I’ve been having so far with my medical issues.

Dancing kids, just because…

The program has basically gone like this for me so far:

  1. Met with the main specialist to discuss medical history, symptoms, what helps/hurts etc. This person then made a plan for all of the different specialists I need to see and all of the tests I need to do over the week that I will be here.
  2. See said specialists and do said tests.
  3. As results come in we add and remove parts of the plan based on the new data.
  4. Then at the end of the week we get back together and make a treatment plan.

I’m about halfway through that program now. And when I look at it in print it looks so simple. But I’m doing more in this week than my doctors at home have done in a year. I’m at a loss to explain why that is. There isn’t one thing on my schedule this week that isn’t available within 30 minutes of where I live.

The difference boils down to attitude. The doctors here have a totally different attitude than I am used to. It feels like they are here to solve my problem (or come as close as they can). The doctors that I was seeing at home were doing their jobs, seeing me was their ‘work’. It’s a profound difference when you experience it.

I would say so far that I’m amazed and happy that I came. It was gigantic pain in the ass to come here. But all signs point to it being worth it.


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