The Power of the Word

christie hardwick
Sep 22 · 3 min read

Including and especially yours.

Everyday I choose what world I will live in. I chose by where I put my focus. I know that there is suffering, strife, poverty, hunger, violence, fear and hopelessness. Should I turn my attention to that? Being aware of something and giving it my attention or focusing on it are very different things.

Do you ever notice the choice point you have when you walk into a room and the person you encounter is angry, upset, or down? You can meet them there or observe, empathize and stay where you are: “I see you are suffering, I love you. At any time, take my hand and let’s walk into the light, I’m here.” I have learned not to match a lower vibration but instead to be the keeper of a higher vibration and offer something for others to lift toward.

This may sound elitist or counter intuitive but bear with me. In science they have discovered that emotions have different vibrations or levels of energy that they emit. Emotions like helplessness, despair, hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, worry -all emit a heavy and low vibration, it is more dense and literally weighs on us. On the other hand, hope, curiosity, empathy, compassion, calm- emit lighter, lifting energy. If you are feeling frustration and I meet you with curiosity, you will have a place to go that lifts your energy.

I intend my life to be a vibration of hope, peace, possibility, and love. I intend that when you encounter me (wherever your feelings are) you will find it safe and nurturing to be with me. This is why I do the work of using my words to keep me focussed, attending to the things I want to illuminate and grow.

I listen for what is going right or how to make things right more than I seek a list of all that is wrong. I speak about what is going right or how to make things right more than I lament all that is wrong. I am seeding the soil of my consciousness with seeds of the good that I want to see growing abundantly. I do not intentionally seed my consciousness with ideas that will foster devastation.

I choose the words I speak out loud and most especially those that I speak quietly into my heart. My words that say “we can heal our innermost wounds and our healing is a balm for the world,” describe a place where I want us all to arrive. A place of healing, a place of feeling wholeness and unity. My words that say “we must love ourselves and each other fiercely” invite an aliveness, a richness to our existence. What if we got curious about what fierceness in love looks like for each of us? Where would our explorations take us? Our words in the form of questions matter too. What we are asking should help us move forward rather than dwell in the past.

This doesn’t mean we don’t look at the past to learn and to grow. For example, I am looking at the disease of racism through the lens of the civil rights movement. My question is not ‘why did people do such terrible things to people like me?” My question is “ how can I be part of the healing that unites and makes the world better for all?” The one question leads to despair, the other to hope.

In popular culture, words, affirmations, positive thinking, mindfulness and even meditation have become commoditized. Think rich, grow rich, get this, get that, success, success, success. These uses of the power of our word to get ‘things’ is like using water only to generate electricity. Water is Life. The oceans, seas, lakes, rain, cloud forest, dew, snow, ice and unlimited permutations create more life. From water we get plants, animals, fish, birds, insects, and human beings. Our word is like that. Our word is creative. We get from it the world that we see.

How are you using your word today? What is your inner dialogue? What are you sharing with the world around you? What are you listening for? Use your word to chose the world you wish to see. Use your word to vibrate love, peace, joy, possibility and unity. I love you. I’m here.

Scribbles by Christie

christie hardwick

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Spiritual teacher, coach and writer. I invite us all to attain true joy and freedom, contribute to peace in the world by managing your own mind!

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